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      My son and his wife have not been visiting us or communicate w us as we’d like. They used to come over every weekend until our grandson was born. When he was about 2 months some thing happened and they only come visit us or have dinner w us 2x a month. My dil sees her side of the family every week sometimes 2 r 3x a week. My husband and I want a better relationship w our son, dil, and grandson. We miss them terribly and they live in my moms house 100 ft away from us. We are never invited and if we have a gift we either give it to them when they come visit or we have to leave it on the steps, we are never asked to go in and visit and its breaking our hearts. I want to pray for my son to realize what hes allowing and for him to speak w his wife and have them visit more and communicate w us more. Theyve missed every holiday since grandson was born except mothers day, no excuses as they were both off of work and so were we. I want to bind and loose pray but not sure what to say in my prayers, can you help me?

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      Praying for your family

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