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      Donna Soniat

      Dear Friends in Christ,
      Truly, I’m in desperate need of prayer for my son. His dad Jeff, and I are divorced. His dad is a Scientologist and so is his dad’s new wife. They are VERY AGGRESSIVE with their religion, (Scientology) and they continue to relentlessly pursue my son Heath. We share 50/50 custody of him. Heath is 14 years old, so legally there is very little that I can do to protect him except to continually talk to him about not giving into his dad. Well it gets super hard for him to resist his dad, and sometimes he gets roped into (worn down is a better term because they never stop coming at him) doing Scientology courses or “counseling sessions” which amounts to nothing more than brainwashing. I just found out yesterday that for two weeks now, my son’s father has had my son in Scientology “session.” I confronted his dad about it and his dad said that he wasn’t going to stop trying to influence my son in Scientology. So I’m asking for yours and everyone’s prayers for my son Heath; for God to protect him from his own father and from all the other Scientologists that are continually pursuing him. My son is a Christian but is weak when it comes to his dad. He wants his dad’s approval so badly. Please, please pray and (I’m not too proud or embarrassed) ask anyone else to pray too! I need an army of believers on this for my son’s soul to be safe from this evil cult.

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      Gary Carpenter

      Because of the love of Almighty Jehovah God Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit there’s miraculous healing There’s Hope there’s a comfort of the Holy Spirit In The Name of Jesus amen

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      Hi Donna, praying for you and your son and also for your exhusband and his wife too. You should teach your son how to put on the Armor of God. If he does this prior to them doing their “sessions” he will not be affected by it because of the helmet of salvation.

      You then need to point out to your son that what is in the darkness is never from God. Any religion of secrecy cannot be from God. Pray that God would bring supernatural revelation and light to what they are hiding in darkness. Pray God open the eyes of your exhusband and his wife to see the light.

      Live your life in such a way that your son will see the difference in who you are and what Christianity is as opposed to what his father is involved with.

      Here is the Armor of God prayer. Learn how to do it for yourself and then teach it to your son.
      God is a God of revelation and miracles. Trust Him!

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