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      I’ve been out of job for more than 2 years now, because of interference from the ruling political party, which is very influential even in the private sector. I can’t think of a way out, because it apparently tracks all my emails, calls, text messages, etc. So, between Jun 2015 and Oct 2016, whenever I had any interviews, it would somehow arrange for its underdogs to be at the interviews, or get the interviewers to dig information from me. So, their only purpose was to gather information for the leader of the party, the PM. The interviewers had no real intention of considering me for employment. Even when I tried to look for freelance jobs on freelance job sites, somehow those who responded seemed only keen to gather information. And even when I tried to look for tuition assignments, somehow the tuition agents and those who responded (as in parents/students) seemed only interested in gathering information. It’s like everyone seems so ready to pander to the political party/PM, even among friends who have betrayed me (by feeding information about me, etc), possibly because of what they could gain by being on the side of the said political party/PM. Even though I voted for the said political party in the last election, yet what I get in return is betrayal of basic trust, etc. And so right now, only a miracle would do. I really need breakthroughs. Thanks a lot!

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      Praying for you to find a job. What if you started looking in another field that has nothing to do with politics?

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      Thanks a lot! I think you got me wrong. What I was basically saying is that the ruling political party has been interfering with my job search, even when I apply for jobs in the private sector. I have never been interested in politics, and never will. Thanks once again for praying. Appreciate that.:)

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