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      I would like to request help in praying for my future. I have been battling stagnancy and marine spirits tormenting my life. It all began after my father began bringing strange water among other things into the house and my siblings and I having to pour and drink it.

      There are some wicked forces at play holding my family hostage. Our education, careers, building a house, everything is a challenge.

      I am 23 now and where I am in life I’d even hard to explain. Years before all this I could have never imagined this. It has been unnatural problem causing disappointments in my life ranging from period pain that had no medical cause to the fact that my highschool journey refusing to end well and not as a result of my being a bad student just strange problems.
      My dream is my education and to get into one of the best universities in the world and the devil has been harassing me in this regard.

      The root of all these problems have been demonic nightmares. I need help in praying against all these and for permanent deliverance in Jesus name, Amen.

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      Kimberly Stacknick

      have prayed so hard that my husband would have left his girlfriend and came back to me for good. I wanted to spend my whole life with him. I still do. I pray that my heart will be healed and that I can have peace, happiness and love. I pray that my attorney does a great job handling my case and everything goes smoothly and quickly in my favor and there’s good luck around me and I’m protected. And all spiritual warfare, spells, voodoo and all the residue and effects will be removed completely from me, and I will be perfectly protected from future spiritual warfare, spells, voodoo. I know that the other womans family and friends do voodoo

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      I am praying for you/

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      Abba Father, I thank you for life, peace and love you have for Priscilla and I thank you for forgiving Priscilla for adultery and cleansing her in your blood as you receive the sacrifice of a repentant heart and for her to come publicly confessing her sin, thank you that her sins are forgiven because of you blood and word over her. Lord also, forgive her father leading her the wrong way for he does not know what he is doing to his daughter. Free them and cleanse them in you blood from all sins know and unknown.
      Thank you that your have free her from her guilt and send help and guidance according to psalm 25 that state that you will make he knows your way and yeah her your paths and lead her in your truth and teach her for you are the God of her salvation, in and psalm 121 where you said that the sun will not strike her at noonday nor the moon by night. Thank you answering this prayer for her and bringing back under your covering in Jesus name.

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      Kimberly Stacknick

      God I’m asking you please restore, rebuild, heal, mend & bring back my marriage to Jim & for his infidelity & all contact with the other girl will cease forever & to bring him home devoted to me today. If this doesn’t happen please let the pain in my heart be gone. I cry all the time. It hurts me so badly. in Jesus name.

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      Lord, I pray you comfort Kimberly in her pain and grief and that your mercies will sustain her through this trial. I pray she hears you and listens for your voice, your truth, and your wisdom in this situation. I pray your will be done in this situation and that you grant repentance where it is needed. May Kimberly experience your peace and your love so she can persevere. You only can change hearts and minds so we pray that your way prevails. We praise you that you know Kimberly and every tear and pain in her heart. May your consolations sustain her, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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      Help from santeria/freemasonry and witches and black magick sorcerers and strange evil people with serious psychotic issues stalking. Practioners of black arts who try to make other people their prey and identity thieves. Vampire spirits, wolf spirits, snake, and spider voodoo cults and demons! All evil demons. What some people think are marine spirits are actually real people around them from work, school or even folks they think are friends,using witchcraft or some form of it to oppress and in some cases possess body and/or attack mind to sway you to the “darkside” lure you away from Christ or ensnare you in some way even through dream and mind invasion. The idea is to get you so entangled in the torment, confuse you, or try to discredit your name and reputation somehow. They also practice ID witchcraft, on the mind to covertly trick you into believing lies. Well known in the seventies what through psychological field in study of abnormal psychology of DSMs now outlawed because of politics and power plays and bribery/collusion/sin in medical field.
      None of this is allowed! If possible, CALL the police on this stalking activity. Those marine spirit activity person above, is an actual person! I was even informed about this from a deliverance pastor! Many are warlocks or some kind of physical demon that looks human and is preying you. Do not take it lightly. They want to torment you but they are also trying to steal something from you. If you can work through a pastor or notified experienced “safe” deliverance apostolic ministe6r you can be freed. It is not just marine spirits. A lot of woman have been complaining about these attacks! If you can get a reputable pastor to pray and minister and report the activity and who works with a known police officer in their church or affiliated with the ministry, they can stop this in this altogether but you have to be diligent, note who is around you who you been in contact that day even books/tv/ads or even bus/metro exposed to some are on those! It could be anyone. I have bern fighting this but those who were helping me have bern taken out. Report, report each infraction and infringement and incident know matter how small and finally you can get peace. Take notes and file away through pastor or deliverance or prayer ministry of the church. Some will leave you alone with prayer and fasting, but for a lot of people who are being satanically targeted through criminal satanic street gangs or sex trafficked through santeria/witchcraft and freemasonry satanic cults who want your spiritual blessings. They always target good and strong Christian women and or even children who are often alone or isolated socially or they eant you t be that way. The most pure, and innocent. They want what you are or have spiritually. Tey have nothing are already condemned and some eternally damned and are trying to get you to give up or give in,never! They will use all kinds of legalism against you to take away from you your very life, divine inheritance or Christian identity. They want what you have. Ujfortunately today the church is mostly unaware and their are many predators in the church who are predators too!
      Be warned,even the police can be in on it if it seems prolonged and considerable everywhere you go, it can be orgsnized freemasonry as well. This can
      take a lot of diligence but with God all things are possible and their is hope. Sexual immoral people Very widespread sin in the church and hidden satanism from those closest to you and most are some form of sexual deviancy of the kind outlawed in the bible long ago, Jude ch 1.HELP GOD! Free your people and deliver this your servant this very day of your Advent, Christmas season and free your Church. They shall know the trurh and the truth shsll set them free! Deliver us from DEMONS that have beeb assigned to the lake of fire and deliver our families, and possessions from all attacks of the enemy of our lives. Psalm121, and145, 23,27,24, 51 and thank you for your promises in your word throughout psalms and the promises of Jesus, to save and deliver us abundantly beyond all we can hope or expect. In Jesus name, AMEN.

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