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      Cindy Pascall

      Good night, my name is Cindy. I Live in a NYC shelter with my kids. I applied for an apt in Brooklyn NY, signed a lease for dec.1st 2020. I Need NYCHA section 8 to approve rent payment for the landlords we’ll be able to move out of the shelter and into our new apt by Dec 1,2020. Pls pray all approve with no blockage. Thank you

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      Lord I come to you right now in precious name of your son Jesus. I understand you he stress, anxiety, and fear of this mother. This women just wants a safe environment for her family. An God you said that if we ask anything in your name you would provide. I ask God that you not only give this family housing but you bless them with new furniture, beds, food, and housing items that are needed for a family. She is just asking for the basics but I don’t i don’t serve a basic God. I sever a powerful God. I ask that she not just get a apt but a house. That you remind her that God is still and in the miricle business. I ask God that you keep this family safe. An you keep this family heads held high. An that you remind them what they are going through now is hard hard but the testimony is what is gonna save many people and bring them to God. I ask for a special calling on this families life. Let your sill be done ✅.
      I count it done ✅
      In Jesus name

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      Lord I pray that You have already blessed Kendra with shelter. Dear God I pray that her next move will be buying her a home. God i ask that she will not have to worry any longer. There will be no more anxiety. God I pray that she will be wealthy in her finances in Jesus name I pray Amen.

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      Janell Joseph

      Please pray for me. I finally got the courage to leave an abusive relationship. I’m struggling and leaving with nothing but my children and faith in god he will protect us. I just applied for an apt although my credit isn’t so great please pray that the landlord has a good heart and give us a chance to live again and be safe in jesus name I pray. Amen

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      Dear lord, I pray that the home that I applied for is for me .I pray that I get that phone call that says YOU ARE APPROVED. Lord I really need this please open your arms and heart to me for this blessing I am really trying to receive. I am giving it all to you lord.

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      Heavenly Father,

      I come before you on behalf of my sister in Christ Jasmine. You are a merciful and loving father and I thank you that you will come through for her for the home she applied for and so desperately needs. Father, I ask that you will bless her exceedingly, abunduntly, above all that she ask, praying, and beleiving for. Show her the GOD that we serve never fails and will come through for his children. Your word states “The eternal GOD promised your ancestors he will bring you into your promised place, you will have a home filled with good things waiting for you. Your word states, “My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest. So Father, I thank you, by faith I believe you will do as your word states and see the manifested promises for Jasmine. In Jesus name, Amen.

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      Pie stanley

      Dear Lord I Ask For A Approval Very Soon For An Apartment I applied For 2 years ago to know that I’m still on the waiting list I shall receive 🙌🏽 Amen

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      Jehovah Jireh, I pray in agreement for a swift and speedy approval and for favor on this application. I pray that you continue to give wisdom, knowledge, and guidance and that there is peace in waiting and anticipation. In Jesus, name, Amen.

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      Lord, I thank you that you have done it for me your child, I believe you have already dive for Cindy and her worries are gone in Jesus mighty name. We praise you and bless you for your kindness and many more blessings you are pouting on her. Love from all of your children in Christ.

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      My husband and I are praying for an approval for a townhome we have applied for. We are currently homeless with our three small children and are seeking a safe and warm place for our family to continue growing. Thank you for everything you’ve blessed my family with thus far, our love continues to grow and our faith even stronger.

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      God Almighty! We praise you for how you have kept this family and sustained them. Praise you for your grace, mercy, and provision. We petition you for approval of the townhome that Michelle has submitted. Father you are the God who sees, you are the good shepherd and Wonderful Counselor. May this family’s every need be met and may their testimony be a door for others to meet, believe, and know you. I speak favour, blessing, and abundance over this family, in Jesus name, Amen.

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