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      Tracy Aldridge

      Dear Father God

      Now they saying doesn’t look like we will at all be getting a bonus Lord and you know I am in desperate need fort his. i have worked the entire year for this and hard! We all,l have.. one year everyone got except me a double salary and I cried so heart sire you know this Lord I have financial problems working here over 5 years and no increase in 3 years and I have a son to see to a holiday a Christmas something to celebrate life and my son and You mainly Lord let us get this bonus even though yes they have forfeit sum money on a site a few rands but we have so much more sites and he has money please i believe i will get a bonus thank you Father god in advance for it.Let Sage get into UCT and get a bursary ,let us find out ASAP. Lord HEAL US ALL WITH OUR ALIGNMENTS, Amen

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      Praying for you Tracy. God will provide.

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