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      giselle jorge

      hi i need prayer for reconciliation between me and my sister bruna alves rodrigues, its been eight months since she wont be talking to me and im in a deep depression, also i need prayers for her to be set free and find another church cause these people manipulate her and allow her having sex relations with her boyfriend and to commit all sort of sins like drinking lying, and they still want to get her to play guitar at the church even if shes doing all these wrong things which they allow her to… they never show 1corinthians 13-13 towards people they only take care of themselves and they are the ones responsible for her blood. please help me pray for my sister to find a church in which people dtruly know the holy spirit.. they even taught her that shes forgiven me even if she wont look at me, thats not forgivennes, if it was so then it would be really easy forgive and not even look at someons face oh my god they are horible people, they do not show jesus love at all…

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      Hi Gisele,

      praying for you and your relationship with your sister. It will be difficult for her to leave that church if she finds love and acceptance for her lifestyle while she is serving there. You need to pray that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction to her and only then will she see that what she is doing is not correct. Conviction and not condemnation. God bless you

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