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      uzochukwu Rosemary ijeoma

      I want to be from monitoring spirit

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      I am plagued with the monitoring spirit. It is destroying my life, and ruining every opportunity that comes along concerning career, relationships, and finances. My Mother is the source of this monitoring spirit, and I am sure she has struggled with the same issue, only she is being influenced by demonic forces that encourage her to pass this curse down. This spirit is entrenched in my family.

      Please pray for me, and my family to be delivered of this awful curse! Some don’t even realize what is going on, and feed off of these spirits to gain power and control over each other.

      Thank you! in Jesus Name!

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      I need prayer concerning familiar and monitoring spirits because have been into several relationship none is working out for marriage. Men disappoint me and get married to other. I have just accept Lord as my personal saviour. So I pray the holy Spirit should open my eyes to serve him in truth and in spirit.

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      Kim trusting in the father.

      Father I thank you this day . Iask for your forgiveness. I as for your protection over my self and my newphees I ask for protection over my brothers in the mighty name of jeuse. I ask that you remove any inclean sprites from my path. I. Jeuse name. I ask thst you can and cleans ny environment all my surrounding with the blood of jeuse. I ask that you spritly detox my home , car, jobs, lovelife from any sprits notof uou. Allow your hegde of protection to come cover my life in the mighty name of jeuse . Send your warrior angkes on my behalf. Heal my mind & heart so nothing can lay dormate to not seek after. You. Allow the blessing of You sons to fall abond me and family. Wash so it my be whiter than. Snow. Remove tiday on the mighty name of jeuse. The evil montoring out out my life today. Rib out distory the devil tricks in my life inthe name of jeuse. Pluck it out like the roots of bad weeds thatplug it out burn with fire of the holy Spirit. Guy with your hand Drive the them in to the ses as jeuse did the pigs. My life is uours fahher my children our your my marriage id your my business is yours . As we enter my time for new uear 2017. I ask the cures be broken today of the devil. In the mighty name of jeuse. Shut down with your power father jeuse. Distorted his tricks and lies. . Father in the name of jeuse. I trust on your word father jeuse I lift praise highh to you. I thank you for the favor you give to me jeuse. I thank you for the love you share. I thst you jeuse for you dring to save me. You rose with all prower in your had. Not some but all power . I THank you father for show me the light. To you. I thank you for the sprit cleaning of my house. My body my mine in jeuse mighty name . Thrir no one no greater than you I lve uou father & jeuse. In jeuse name I pray anen .

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