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      January 1 Dream

      I was driving and got caught in a heavy down pour of rain, my car began to slide a little and I felt panic, but I pulled myself together and was able to regain control of the car and park.

      Scene changed— I’m talking to a man (light complexion, gentle demeanor). He showed me some apartment units he had on his phone — He said these are the ones in Chicago. They were beautiful — I saw hand-carved wood French doors, very intricate. As he showed me the images on the phone, I saw a woman giving a presentation of the units and she said they would rent them for $1200 (I was thinking they could get way more than that for them).

      Scene changed— I see a man and a woman, and there’s a girl there complaining and saying “she doesn’t deserve to marry him”. I felt she was talking about me… suddenly the man and woman began to speak up for me (I felt like for some reason they had been privy to my life and knew personal things about me — like they were there but not my parents?). They began telling the girl that “she does deserve this, she did things and didn’t even know she had this, we never told her and she did this on her own”. It felt like they were telling her something about my character… like, for example — you worked hard all of your life and you did it with a smile, when really you are a millionaire with millions in the bank that no one ever told you about… this was the sense I got in the dream.

      Suddenly an older (elderly like) woman showed up, she was angry — I felt she was connected to the girl and she lifted her hand and tried to slap me… I moved slightly — out of the way, missing her slap to the face. Suddenly another woman came out (who I felt was my Aunt) and she began to roll up her sleeves to fight this woman. But I told her no — I told her that I was going to get my mother and that my mother was going to get her for what she did.

      Then I woke up.

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