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      Hello, I’m currently finishing the fast we we on because I’ve had a lot of busyness and the day 5 took me long to look up Bible versus. The day before fasting started Sunday night i worked and came home around midnight Monday morning. I prayed before bed and as i dosed off i had 2 dreams then woke up around 12:30am midnight. I didn’t turn in the dream because it was before officially starting the fast by going through day 1 assignment. The other dreams i had i did turn in as the fasting assignments i had started completing.
      Dream 1 prior to officially starting the fast for day 1 reading :
      My daughters acrylics nails were all ripped off her hands , like they were lifted and sort of floating and somehow i could see it happening.
      Dream2 prior to officially starting day one fast reading :
      In my dream my daughter became pregnant ( she’s a teen), it appeared i looked who’s the dad and I’m the dream i seen this mew boy she’s recently meet named Lucas. Then i woke up.
      Dream 3 as im still fasting:
      Last night i dreamt my son ( his a teen)was kidnapped, it was night time and i couldn’t find him, i was going search for him, and as i opened my front door he appeared walking in holding our white golden retriever dog on a leash( we actually have this dog)my son appeared confused, distant by the look he had, i asked him where did they take you? Did they hurt you? As his mom i was afraid he was raped, but he didn’t respond to me. In my dream he was kidnapped what appeared to for 1 day.

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