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      My daughter is graduating

      Dear MOP family

      God is good, see Him in me!

      I am so excited and so exuberant at my God and I just want to give Him all the praise, the honour and glory. God is love, He is never late not even by a minute.

      I would like to thank each and everyone who took time and pray for my daughter Carol, who had a difficult year after failing her 4th year last year and had to repeat it. I requested for prayers as Carol has been suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and depression and could not cope with her practical work. This year was a very tough year and on the other side we were owing her university fees, yet we need to pay for transport to the different hospitals to do her final year practical. We would work together even during the nights trying to ensure that her props are ready for the planned demonstrations. At one stage she was given a difficult case which she has never studied before but God placed people in her way to assist her in dealing with that case and passed.

      She sat for exams again under difficult circumstances and at some stage she had to defer the exam as nothing could be grasped by her. Anxiety and fear was her biggest enemy. The university had informed them that those who have deferred their exams will be resulted later and may need to graduate the following year. But because our God is a mysterious God, He turned things around and she received her results and is graduating on 14 December 2023.

      She has also find a place for a 1 year compulsory Community Service and she is starting with the service in January 2024.

      God is love!!!

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