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      Angie Sheinall

      Good Evening, please help me pray for my son Brian Jr. he’s already on probation and was doing well. Well he got pulled over the other day for his license plate not placed in the area of the car. The police was gonna let him off with a warning but then realized there was a warrant for his arrest…which my son says he knew nothing about so they took him down to the county jail and he was released on a $5,000.00 bond which cost up front $500.00. Come to find out two months ago he was stopped his insurance had lasped…so they search his car and said they found a little bottle of cough medicine. So they are trying to charge him with a misdemeanor. My son told me he doesn’t know how the bottle got in his trunk…but his P O Officer checks him often. Please help me pray for my son that he will come out of this and that the charge will be dropped or dismissed and that he could continue on with his life…trying to finish his Degree..I believes he has two more classes to go. Also, that he finds a good paying job with benefits. I truly appreciate you helping me pray for my son.

      Thank You,
      Angie S.

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