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      I am in captivity & seeking freedom. I am a disabled veteran & the volunteer in the community (a dwarf) put his son into my home- whom is a minister. Environmental health says they can not provide ministry through the Kiwanas- but he does what he wants. They are operating through Satan- seizing upon to devour my business. I have a ministry & they have tried taking away all my ministry friends & ministry to covet isolation/ abuse me & use me for their pleasurable free ride to a free everything that they can rape & steal. Veterans have appointments in the community center with Veteran representatives for programs they use until their comp comes. This minister dwarf acts like they are in charge of me. He has let the relatives in my life/home that the ministry I have has moved away. His ministry & fix issues are not wanted nor liked here. I am taking advantage of several intercessors with this knowledge. For the safety of my family- daughter in a scholarship program- I speak it out. Possession/ manipulation & telepathic visiting from the relatives all day disturb. Lifelong alcholics & drug dealers. When I moved out of my home on 35 acres 5 years ago- I had to stay around my relatives- I did not know they did the same as when I grew up. I left away in the military. I do not want this in my home. Now I know why my mother received dementia. They have witchcraft. Deception is here of whether the midget or the relative is doing what is being done. The midgets are split personality & sorcerers & mean if the red carpet & nicey to them stealing my business & all my real estate data isn’t presented as a help them from Jesus family. They are not here from God. They are in my whole home upon wakening. There are midgets in suits/ midgets in flannel shirts/ and creep spirits that move slow that I see sometimes. The sister sent the strongmans his name whats his game book over 1 1/2 year ago & her presence just schizophrenically showed up- I wonder if that is the correct terminology. She teaches a recovery program & is a abuser. She likes to play games. Was executor of my mother – but the state took custody. Left me out of the will by her choice – not my mothers & knew I had no $ to go to attorney. I asked her if she spoke this stuff into my home (jelousy of me at home) because she was learning about this in her church- I said wondering if it was a coincidence. She raged & I walked out of her home with no ride home. Someone is putting something into the chair that goes to the sexual. The midget birth game. If it’s suppose to be the thorn/ go bizerk for the day- to the sexual & have to feel it disturb inside with.

      I have a god friend that is very beautiful & is also disabled. The midget & the relative act like they are more important & want him out so they can have their resource center. I am not caring for this intellectual sickness of these peoples mental baggage & outhouse of character. Thank-you for helping with the intercession.

      I went to my appeal for my military compensation- so hoping tithe to change soon. My claim has had mistakes 4 times that had to go to the judge 4 times each time & wait over 2 years. I have shared in the Federal Legislature 8 years.
      I sat in bed 3 1/2 years, neck & back brace 2 1/2 years & therapy 1 1/2 years & for rest of life. God is making way & these coveters want a copy. they are oppressing me extremely bad & fight picking by pestering & wanting heavy spell when I go to public so someone thinks disturbed.
      My daughter was in surgical Veterinarian rooms- but school now. I need safety for us. They are mean. Me & my friend to not have this. They are stalking his affairs the same & stand & hen cackle all day long- as if they are the God of puppeting. I am worn down from this. And the Lord is blessing me so much in the midst of it all. I don’t want them a part of my life. Abuse doesn’t mix with me & my blessings. They want feeling share/mind next to you family together. THIS IS CRAZY & I NEED TACTFULLY TO REMOVE TO NOT HAVE DEMENTIA & mental sickness.
      When my mother passed away- Phillip thinks he’s in charge & he has strife & is a witch. I let him stay her 3 years ago- when went to high school reunion & was mistake because I don’t want telepathic.

      Thank-you for your expertise & sorry if wrote to much. I have apostle Tims deliverance books & talking to Joel Osteens deliverance ministry counselor.
      My daughter was

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      Hi Teresa, this is a very complex situation but not to complex for God to change it. This first thing you should do is start binding and loosing in your environment

      Here is some information on that

      Then you need to pray off the curses in your life and you can start the process with this…

      We will continue to pray for you. God Bless You

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      Hi. I have familiar spirit monitoring my every move,thoughts because of a coworker who dabbled into witcraft. She and a group of others oppose because I’m a Christian. Now. This spirit uses the environment to feed on others. This young lady I believe has a Jezebel spirit with her. The target is me and my family. She wanted to control everyone that worked with her especially me. It didn’t work. So this spirit tries to attack psychically through the mind. I have to pray on this every day but in my workplace it is difficult because of the demonic energy around this person and she pulls others into her schemes against me. I hope you can give me suggestions. This spirit needs to be dealt with. It watches me 24 hours a day. I believe it was summoned to me to harass,torment and try to destroy me because I am a Christian (Catholic). There are other Catholics in my department but I have become the target. Please help if possible. Thank you.🙏🙏🙏🙏

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      P.S. if this was a curse to put on me it backfired because now this spirit is decieving and harassing others around me.

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      Hi Karyn,

      Here are the prayers and articles you need to read and pray

      These 2 you need to do everyday

      We’re praying for you but you also need to jump in and protect yourself daily

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      Let God forgive me, I have engage in sex with a married woman and the man has sent me to a fetishism to curse.

      He said He was going to kill or make me go mad.

      He took 800.00 from me but didn’t fulfil his part.

      I was surmounted to a dwarf. Any help?

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      Teresa, I feel your pain and I agree that there is nothing our Father cannot do and there is nothing too small or hard for him. He is God of the universe, he spoke and there was light, life, beautiful creation and he breath his life in us. If the breath of God that created all things is in you and these people then they should be afraid and not you, as God is the one that gives life and takes away. This should be your confidence in him, that Jesus is sovereign over all and he is not afraid. Remember our battle is not against families, husbands, wives, children, neighbor or the like but again the evil of darkness in this world, principalities in the heavenlies. They are our target. You forgive all your family and pray for the repentance as vengeance belongs to God. Do not allow hate, bitterness, resentment, fear to overcome you but overcome yourself in his promisses day and night and pray like Hannah and watch him move on your behalf. And you look up to the creator of all creation and ask for his help everyday till you see things change. I am in you situation. The devil kill, stole, and destroy my friends, my peace, my car, praying ministry, my family, my finance and, peace of mind, my hair, my joy, my dreams, visions and many more. But our Father is loving, faithful, caring and determine to give us his peace and he will do whatever it takes to give us his peace and surround us with his love; we should be persuaded that neither demon, nor angel, nor problems, attacks, lies,sin, sickness, failures, and witchcraft or curses will be able to take us away from the love of God this in Christ Jesus for us his children. I believe it. Remember job and keep trusting God till he cover you in glory of his garment and shake off your dust of shame and seal you again in his blood of covenant that overcomes the devil’s schemes in your life today. Trust him, will answer you when you call and deliver you, because you know him and loves him. I hope he has come through for you already. Peace Teresa.

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