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      Dear Lord,
      Thanks for answering all my blessings and prayers over the last few of months.
      Please can I ask for three more prayers you to give favours to.
      1.All my outstanding bills,rent arrears (I find a miracle)to pay them all back before the end of December.
      2.That I get a pay-rise in December 2017 that my employers see all the hard work that I have done and still do.(That has open their eyes to what I do)I work for the best company and I love my job❤️??
      3.This year my health has taken a turn for the worse.
      My Sarcoidosis has come back after ten years, the steroids has made me put on four stones so I am now fourteen stones and very depressed, and desperate to lose the weight by March 2018 go back to being 10 stones. ( I need to focus on excise and eating right) and to sort out my teeth and for me to get dentures for my lower mouth as well, because my teeth are now breaking.

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      Thank you for the December word, I receive it in Jesus name.
      Am desperate for financial miracle, it’s been two & a half year of wilderness. May God remember me this December. And not just me but the women struggling out there May God come through miraculously.
      May my eyes be opened to see what’s in front of me
      Bless be to God in the highest .

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      Praying for you Shirley and Beatrice God’s financial blessing on your life. That He will give you wisdom on handling money. That your eyes will be open to any area that the enemy may be using to hold you hostage in that area. Stand, pray and fast and ask God to show you how the hole got in the bottom of you purse.

      Shirley, want to offer these articles on health and wholeness. God is able! Are you willing?



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