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      I am facing divorce after only 14 months of marriage. My wife’s personality began changing towards me in July when she started a lifestyle change and began losing a lot of weight quickly. We’ve been together 3 years total and have always lived in different states due to commitments. She began yelling at me, telling me I was treating her like a child when I ask basic questions, and held grudges I didn’t even know about. The biggest grudge started one weekend when I asked her to take one day off from exercise to spend the evening with me. I repeated the request our anniversary weekend. She got upset because I chose to sit in a seated while she exercised at the gym. She stated her oldest dog was too sick to ride down to visit me and me suggesting she get a sitter was treating her like a child. Labor Day weekend we had seen each other for the first time in 3 weeks and she was sick with stomach flu. She was upset because I didn’t tell her how good she looked. The following weekend I didn’t even see her out of the bed and that’s when our first and final argument began. I was preparing myself to go to the gym with her and she stated “why are you getting ready to go to the gym because you don’t want me to go anyway?” She then began stating she’s been telling me not to treat her like a child for a year, argued about she feels she’s paying a loan we have even though it comes out of my account monthly, and paying bills of hers I’m not even capable of. During the argument I suggested mental help because she started crying each time I began asking her a question. That angered her even more. She then argued about having a bank card, which she never requested, even though I gave her money once a month due to her telling me to keep the money on the 15th since I pay the loan. That was now a problem even though I would offer her additional money she stated she didn’t need. To avoid further argument I packed up and left while she was at the gym. I left the house the way it was when she left minus two dishes in the sink and the tub not completely clean. I shot a short video before leaving in case she argued about that. After I left our puppy tore up a couple of items so that was disrespecting her home. After leaving she messaged me about not locking them up. I was not able to go with her that evening to get a memorial tattoo that she really wanted. By Monday morning she stated she wanted a divorce over me leaving, not telling her how good she looked, and supposedly treating her like a child for over a year. During the argument i brought up the fact our best friend feels she’s even changed and asked her for advice on how to deal with my wife. She said that was betrayal. I made a post on FB about us getting a divorce and that made her realize she made the correct decision. Since that day she’s been vindictive and has sent me seperation paperwork which I won’t sign, been extra evil to everyone, started the process of suing our best friend, and been even meaner to me. I’ve had to get my own phone plan and get my own satellite radio. Her behavior is getting more and more bizarre and I’m afraid someone is going to hurt my wife. I am her third husband and I feel if it’s this easy for her to request a divorce I was never really her soulmate. Since I’m a dedicated husband who takes his vows seriously I am requesting a marriage restoration prayer. I love my wife dearly despite her behavior and will still do anything for her.

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      Deryck, the first thing you need to do is find a Christian counselor. If you can’t afford a counselor you need to be meeting with your pastor or a men’s support group to get biblical advise on how to walk through this. We will pray for you but you need to take action.

      God Bless

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