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      Please pray for my husband We had an argument and he refuses to forgive and bears a grudge. Its been a few days and it really hurts our home.

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      Ramona Martin

      My husband asked me was my sister in law was coming over with my brother. I told my husband I didn’t ask all that. I ask my husband and did he wanted me to ask my brother for him was his wife coming over. I told my husband that was out of order and why did he want to know. My husband was going to work and we were going shopping to get items for my upcoming surgery. Now my husband don’t really communicate or have prayer with me before we go to bed.Please pray for my marriage,family and my surgery. Thank you and God bless..

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      Mark OBrien

      Need Divine Intervention in marriage….wife after 21 years of marriage is unhappy and says she does not love me….wants a divorce. Verbally and emotionally abusive to myself and children. She (Wendi) needs deliverance from whatever has taken over her. We need a miracle ….for God’s love to replace a spirit of anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and pride in her heart.
      Thank you…in Jesus’s Holy Name…please pray!

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      My husband has been cheating in me from the onset of our marriage.I have caught him several times but he keeps denying it .He only tells me the one that the lady threatens his life if he ends the relationship so that I can join him to pray against the other woman’s threat.Sveral times I have dreamt about him being killed by a woman and I pray about it.Please,pray for my husband to stop this continuos act .I am ashamed of it and fed up emotionally.

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      Oh heavenly Father,
      we come before You and ask You for forgiveness that we so often try so hard with our own might and strength to try to obtain a breakthrough and change our situation when all along the answer sits in Jesus. So, I cry out for Maureen and her Husband… Jesus… Have Your way!!! Have Your way!! Have Your way!!
      Isaiah 30:15 This is what the Sovereign LORD, the Holy One of Israel says:” Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is your strength.”
      We return to You Lord and rest in You… no more striving in our own ways, we just trust in JESUS that He will make a way when there is no way. In Jesus mighty name who conquered death. Amen

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      Almighty Father,

      Reign in Ramona Martin’s and her husband’s heart so that they walk by the Spirit and not by their flesh anymore. Transform them by the renewing of their minds through Your Word. Let this family remain themselves in Jesus and in Your word. Breathe life into the dark parts of their souls. Let their every action be governed by Your Word. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ who conquered death. Amen.

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