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      I saw a dream where everyone is lined up to go a bus for a journey, it is a field trip. I see that I don’t have shoes. I want to go look for it and get it back before I get in the bus. I go and speak to the teacher friend who is organizing the bus ride. I tell her I can’t believe I don’t have my shoes and I’m going to go get it. I go looking for my shoes and notice it is stolen or misplaced. I enter a store. There is a lady who is willing to help me. I am trying on dresses in that store. I didn’t like the collection they have. I found something different and decided to get that dress. The lady is hurrying me in a nice way saying I need to make it fast. She points me to the direction where my shoes are. I see my shoes. Definitely someone had taken and kept it in a different place. I am relieved to get it back. I woke up at that.

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      Hello RC.,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      This is both a warning and an encouragement dream. Ask the Lord for clarity regarding your purpose and try not to be distracted by what you think it might be and other things. There is an urgency for you to get this clarity and walk in it so you do not miss the “bus.”
      God loves you very much to the point that He decided to reveal this to you via dream. Be encouraged and say “Here I am, for your servant listens…”


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