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      I went to teach in a kindergarten for a career break. In the dream, I bought a little girl there and I was teaching the class where she was in. (She had long hair and 2 plaids with red ribbons on it, I think). I realized all the classroom management strategies I’ve learnt still work in this class. (I remembered changing my tone and raising my voice in the dream). [I am a trained teacher by profession].

      The teachers in the school wanted me to teach another class instead of that little girl’s class. They said that I was over qualified because of my background as a trained teacher. They also asked why I didn’t go and work in the governmental ministry (for teaching). A lady with specs and a bun-up hair was doing the talking in an intimidating tone. She was wearing a pale (pink?) shirt and interrogating me like a teacher towards a student. I wasn’t afraid and said I was from (a prestigious university). They gasped and looked shocked. I started telling them the horror stories of working late in that particular governmental ministry. I heard these stories from my peers. They usually knock off at 8-10 pm. Sometimes they need to stay back until 3 am to finish the work.

      A gangster with long black hair, wearing rounded specs came. He appeared to be their boss. He tole me that the other teachers won’t like someone who is from (this prestigious university) to look after them. He started leading me to a seafood restaurant with tanks of fishes inside. The restaurant is located next to the kindergarten. During the walk, I asked if I can just stay and teach during this break (maybe even getting daily rated pay or something), as I looked for a new job. At that time, there were people walking alongside me in the dream. They turn out to be 2 other ladies- one was a colleague and the other person was just someone I knew in the dream (but could not identify who in real life). The gangster had favor on me and said I could stay here as long as I like. He even gave me and one of my friend an apartment unit each, and we were staying next to each other.

      He treated me pretty well. Then, he went up to an apartment unit to do something. I heard that there were sounds of fighting and he seems to be fixing someone up. He probably hurt someone. I was with my colleague in my apartment; and the other lady was in her apartment. Both of our units faced each other. There were very big units, with brown frames around the door. The lady’s relative were at her unit and they were inspecting the unit to see how “small” it is. [The unit was small in their opinion].

      The sound from the fighting stopped. The gangster left. My colleague and I went to rescue the victims. Somehow, my unit was connected to that 2 rooms where the victims were tortured and beaten up. I went to the first room. The room was very messy and had a lot of small things (eg pens) lying on the floor. There were about 3 or 4 single beds lying parallel to each other (with a space in the middle) in that room. I went to look through the beds and found one of my ex-students under one of the beds (there were 2-3 mattress stacked in one bed frame. He was under the two beds and lying on the 3rd one. He was beaten up very badly and his face was wrapped in a crepe tissue paper(colourful ones?). His face was out of shape. I took him up and he wake up. He tried to remove a small three dimensional golden sticker on his nose. He took the sticker off and I rescued him. I even remembered wiping the room and spraying air fresher using a pink air freshener to make sure no one would suspect anything. Then later in the dream, i wondered if those 2 actions [of trying to clean up the room] made my action [of rescuing the victims] even more obvious.

      After that I went into the adjacent room, which has a similar layout. I found a church mate [who was my business partner previously ] under the another bed. (It was the 2nd bed from the door.) There was a basin full of his flesh and evidence of someone eating it (His flesh was like salmon flesh in the dream). He was vacuum packed like a salmon. I found him and poured everything together (him with his flesh) into the basin and got him out. I said I will carry him. I carried him on my shoulders and then my colleague carried the other person.

      Before we left, I saw my pastor under another bed. He was big and tall and we had no way of carrying him down now that we had 2 others to help. My colleague asked if I want to get the other lady to help. I told her that the lesser people know [about this] the better. Then,we got them to my apartment. The moment we did so, we saw the girl’s relatives inspecting her house. There was a flamboyant lady who was flicking her wrist… she was complaining because she saw tiny fans on the floor and that seems to have signaled a breakdown of the air conditioning or something of the likes. I suddenly had an idea in the dream to use such an excuse to seal up a room in my apartment so that I can keep those 2 people safe.

      That unknown lady suddenly popped by our door and asked us out for a meal. We said okay and that we will meet her in the garden after setting things. So we settled things and we went down to this garden below our apartments. My colleague (who seemed to have transformed to someone that looks like a very motherly teacher) was talking to her and I was very protective of my colleague. The lady was commenting negatively on my colleague’s dress or something along the lines. Then something big and black (an enormous butterfly? ) flew past and got hooked on the lady’s dress (the lady was wearing something with a white mesh material). I have no idea why but I took it as a chance to beat the butterfly and the lady. Then I apologize and tried to end the session so that I could rush back to save my pastor who was still in the room. My colleague and I went back. When I was going back, I recalled how my pastor shared about being airlifted or lifted down before. Then, I think I saved him. That gangster found out about what happened. I begged the gangster for forgiveness by holding on to his legs and kneeling down.

      I slept at around 9 am, woke up at around 4.40am… and this dream was from 4,40am to around 7 am before I woke up.

      What could it be about?

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      Sorry for the bad grammar… was rushing to type it out before i forget!

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