It’s not a curse but actually a blessing! HE never left me!

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      God has kept me through many trials in my life over the past 10 years. I started with my younger daughter Armani having a psychotic break at 12 years old. I prayed for her healing which didn’t happen and I started thinking I was cursed. I am divorced mom of 3 I was the one who ran back and forth to hospitals, doctors appointments and went many nights with little amount of sleep. But I had to keep working because I was the only source of income for family with very little support. Well I decided to drop school, downsize my living so I moved from renting a house to renting an apartment. Now during this time missed a lot of work but was blessed to keep my job which kept us afloat. God blessed me with a supervisor who fought for my job and kept me on her team with special project duties! I was distraught and thought something was wrong because my daughter wasn’t healed after all my praying n fasting so I went out seeking anyone who could assist me like burning candles to ancestors, seeking psychics which are now called high priestess in New Age , etc. until one day God placed in my spirit every hardship is not a curse but a blessing. Seek ME! Oh I fell down crying and repenting. It’s HEALING, STRENGTH to endure and DELIVERANCE in HIS WORD! Its true! I started back praying, searching scripture and developing a deep relationship with God. Though my child was not totally healed of Mental Illness she was at peace, happy, high functioning, haven’t been hospitalized for mental illness since then, and attended school. So in 2018 I was given a chance to finish school. The school blessed me by allowing me to keep the credits I previously earned as long as I attended their school so I did. Fast forward to October 2019. That same child had a nose bleed that would not stop so we went to emergency room. Well they admitted Armani into hospital that night because they couldn’t stop the bleeding. 2 hours after settling in room 3 doctors walked in saying they were moving us to the cancer floor because Armani was diagnosed with Acute Myleiod Leukemia. She started treatment that next day. Armani and I were told she had maybe 3 months to live if treatment didn’t start immediately. For the next year Armani was admitted in the hospital for 30 days at a time for chemotherapy. Once Chemo was done Armani had a transplant which almost killed her. She went into ICU and was hooked up on machines that controlled her breathing, filtered her blood, and keep her blood pressure up. It was hurtful to see her like that. I prayed, quoted scriptures, reached out to other God fearing Christians and stood on God’s promises. My daughter exited ICU in 5 days! Doctors were shocked and stated she must have had divine favor because she wasn’t looking good at all. But everyday she made continuous improvement. Now during this I was working, finishing up school, and staying the night at the hospital because of my daughter’s Mental Illness. I am her advocate as well as her mom. Well Armani was later transferred to regular room and then released but with an injury. ICU Nurse damaged the nerve in her left hand so she can’t use it. Due to fact Armani was in a life or death situation Hospital is not accountable for the injury. Well after I cared for Armani at home after discharge I started feeling sick and unable to walk or breathe. I ran back n forth to doctors until one night I was admitted because I was losing mobility. Later I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis which left me unable to write and walk at that time. As soon as I was admitted they started treatment. I prayed, quoted scripture and remained hopeful. Dr at hospital stated he believe I will be okay because my positive outlook. It was the Lord’s strength n grace. I stayed in hospital for 3 days and then transferred to rehab. They rolled me in but I walked out! Praise GOD! Everyday I prayed God’s promises, quoted scriptures when doing therapy, and talked to God. Well Dr came to see me one day and he said he can see I was gonna be their star. I went from wheel chair to Cain to walking out on my own in 7 days! I then graduated with my Masters in Counseling Psychology, Armani graduated with her High School diploma and my other 2 children are making their way to fulfilling the purpose God intended for their lives. I don’t have enough room to write about the other two kids but know God’s grace is sufficient! God made me strong when I was weak! I ended up buying a house and paying off my car. Oh I have some testimonies to tell! A lot happened in between and the battle still continues. Enemy doesn’t stop just reroute but I will end with this. “The Afflictions of the righteous are many but God will deliver us from them all” “We will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living” “Goodness and Mercy shall follow me all the days of my life and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever, Amen”

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      Oh Audrey, your testimony made me cry. I think sometimes people think that no one else is going through what they are going through but here you are! A huge testimony of the Lord. You stuck it out. I believe this was your strength, your ability to persevere and not lose hope. Thank you for sharing this. I pray God continues to bless you and increase you in all things and that you will have so many testimonies to tell. It’s not how you start but how you end. Blessings

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