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      Hi, I looked up the meanings of some of the symbols in this dream, and can seem to only get so far with it. I hope you can help…

      I dreamt what felt to me a warning dream, where I saw an invisible man walking his 2 dogs on the right side of the street. As I approached the corner, I saw a wolf. When I recognized it as a wolf I immediately turned around and started running from it. I could see that it was catching up to me, and then I woke up from the dream.

      I’m not sure if this is at all associated with it, but I had a dream that connected and preceded this dream. I was in a mattress store shopping for bed sheets and looking at the seams of the sheets. I remember an associate coming over to ask if “leather” for the seams were ok. My brother bought a mattress but needed help from a friend in Vancouver because the mattress wouldn’t fit in his car.

      I know the preceding dream is super random but I wanted to provide as much information and context in case it would be helpful!

      Thank you.

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