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      Hi, I saw a giant eagle, waiting for me. “Hop on, Jesse!”. I went up on it. It brought me up to the sky and there is an antique giant door. “Go through the door, Jesse”. I went open the door, it’s so bright and opening my eyes the 2 side are filled with angels. I am so shocked. I walked down the aisle to the front. I saw 2 – 7 lamp stamp. There is another stairs in the middle. Then a huge lion Carrying a lamb came out. They asked me to kneel down. I am so astonished. The lion speaks and put the coal into my mouth. He said “you are cleansed and speak carefully” “You are now my end time Prophet”.

      Can you please guide me on the above dreams

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      No interpretation needed!
      God is calling you to be a prophet!
      Listen to no one but God.
      He will train you!
      God Bless!
      Prophets have stay on their face before the Lord.
      We are always dealing with our pride. Humble yourself and listen. He will always tell you.

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      Thanks SM. I will continue to pray and seek God for more directions.

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