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      i had vied for a political post in my country and lost in last weeks semifinal election.
      I ask God to speak to me through a dream as i was seeking him after a week of discouragemnt. I had a adream that it was final election day and i had no idea the day for voting had arrived and continued doing my thing knowing that i was already late to go make a long queue to vote. suddenly am at this venue, and he people i was with were actually doing a robbery but i didnt know in the begning. Once i realised this one of them gave me a big chunk of cash as my cut yet i i didnt do anything, however i didnt hesitate , i joined the bandwagon and we left together and though it wasnt exactly much it was still money, whoop whoop. i even ended up rubbing off fingerprints as we left, in short i had embraced this mysterious theft.

      Back to real life , now funny thing is when i woke up i didnt remember this dream and was disapointed that God didnt deliver my request but during my day i read in the paper about the most beautiful thief shot dead, and when i read this is when the memory of the dream came back to me and i was shocked. anyone who gets this dream??
      I have gotten a dream before that didnt make sense but once i got into a demise is when i understood that the dream was actually a warning but because it wasnt revealed earlier i ended up making that mistake….. so pls hep explain this theft dream.tia

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      Hi Sabina,

      Since you are a dreamer and the enemy knows this he will try to get you to forget what you are dreaming so that you will not heed the warnings or strategies in the dream. Whenever you wake up and you know you had a dream but you cannot remember you need to simply pray “Lord, if you gave me a dream which I cannot remember please bring it back to mind and give me the full interpretation of it. If the dream was concerning the plans of the enemy, I cancel it right now in the name of Jesus and declare that satans’s evil plans shall not come to pass”.

      Back to your dream…

      This statement shows your spiritual state

      “i had no idea the day for voting had arrived and continued doing my thing knowing that i was already late to go make a long queue to vote”

      You are not alert as far as your spiritual life is concerned. You are not paying attention to important things as it relates to your spiritual life and as a result the enemy is able to take advantage of this weakness.

      Pray that God makes you more alert and when He points something out to you, act on it immediately.

      The next thing is that the people you were with were doing a robbery and you joined in. This tells me that you have some familiar spirit or generational curse attached to you that has a robbing thieving spirit. You are then inclined to do the same things in situations. Ask God to deliver you from this spirit. Ask him to expose areas in your life where you are tolerating this spirit around you in your friends and family members. It is not OK to go along with this.

      Even though you did not go to the voting location with the intention of stealing you went along with it and became an accessory by removing the fingerprints. You are covering it up. Ask God to show you what areas of your life you are overlooking or sweeping under the rug that is an egregious to Him.

      The spirit of the robbery will always steal from you. You will come close to getting things but it never happens because the enemy comes and steals it. You end up working really hard and never seeing the fruit of your labor. Or you put in a lot of effort for little return.

      This spirit caused you to lose the election in the natural but God is showing you that you have doors open in the spirit that gave it a right to be there. You are in covenant with this spirit and you need to break that or you will see it manifest in other areas of your life as well.

      The scripture that comes to mind is Malachi 3 where God says that we rob him when we don’t pay our tithes and offerings. Are you tithing? Do you make offerings?

      You have to ask Him to show you which doors you have open to that spirit and close them.

      Hope this helps.

      God Bless

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