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      1. I had a dream that I saw pushed around on a swing by 3 little boys and I fell to the ground and as I looked up (picking myself up from the ground), in front of me was a board written ” HE HAS RISEN”. I didn’t pay much to that. As the dream went along, I, myself and my grandmother ended up at the beach. She (grandmother) saw two hands holding the Sun. I looked up as the showed me and it was so bright and glittery. Suddenly, the ocean turned into liquid gold, bright and shimmering and boiling-like. The three boys reappeared and were standing watching the shore. I pulled them back to stay out the water (to avoid them drowning). As I did, these words ” Look up, I am standing in front of you, Your God”. I looked up and I saw Him. He was wearing a long red rope with a shimmering golden crown on His head as well as a gold stick like that of which He used to herd the sheep with.He hugged me so tight placing His right hand on my heart and I began to the sing the song ‘My Jesus, My Saviour by Michael W. Smith” I started crying while singing, and where I fell short of breath, He (Jesus) assisted me singing. I woke up and my heart was beating so fast and I could still feel the warmth of his arms and chest against mine. It felt so very real.
      Can anyone interpret this for me, please?
      2. This dream was about two weeks ago- I was at home coming from a somewhere ( can’t really recall). I remember being so depressed and unhappy about where I am with my life. I went into the livingrooom and I just broke down and started crying unto the Lord saying and pleaing ” Lord, my God. You know my struggles and the demons I am facing. OH, Lord, I do not want to live my life like this anymore. Help me help myself and draw me closer to you. I need you God. I want to be your child forevermore. Please Lord, guide me in Your ways.”
      I looked up and the heavens opened. I saw Jesus coming down and He said unto me ” I heard your plea. It was so pure and I could not resist helping you.” We continued conversation and He also mentioned something in the lines of ” I want to take you home with me right now (He wanted to reveal Himself to the world as we spoke) but then that means my second coming will have to be changed. The Catholics must still fall, the nations fight each other, the natural disasters as warnings etc. etc.” I will go back to my Father for now but I will prepare you for when I will return to the wold again.” He picked me up and kissed me. He returned to the heavens in a bright light as fast as lightening. It felt very real. That entire day all that kept running through my mind was ” I am alive (God is alive).”
      Can someone please interpret this as well, please?
      Thank you,

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