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      Dream started out with me, my husband and my two kids. In dream my husband were out of jail, my husband had to get to some place in another town to get his things since he got out of jail or I think he also had counseling app too. My husband asked if all of us wanted to ride along, Cause he got the ride share to give us a ride.
      A lady whom looked familiar in giving us a ride picked us up in a white car. She was driving, husband was in front seat on the right passenger side, my two kids sat behind the driver and my husband yet I saw myself sitting in the back behind my kids. Then as we drove off i then noticed this teenage gal was actually in the front seat between the driver and my husband. It was the drivers daughter come to find out

      So we get to where we are going and I guess husband went to go do what he was gonna do, so the scene next was what I gathered was a sit down place where both my kids and i sat at this table to wait for my husband, now we saw there was a birthday celebration going on and they ask us to join in. Actually we found out it was the drivers teenage daughter birthday with cake. Not sure if we participated cause

      Next scene I saw my son, he went out to the car to wait, then as my daughter and i got up from the table a tad bit later there was a waiter who says to my daughter first then to me after that, waiter says to my daughter let me show you this drink, to me is looked like an alcoholic drink. And was thinking why is the waiter showing my daughter then me this drink, after I can see it may look like a wine bottle , here try this the waiter says. Can’t remember if we tried the wine

      Cause next scene is my daughter n I are outside walking to the white car where my son is sitting in waiting patiently for all. I started waking up after this so don’t remember much else.

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      Hello OnAJourney,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I don’t think the dream is negative overall. The lady driving and the colour of the car may represent the Holy Spirit being in control. I’m not clear at this time what the daughter between the driver and your husband represent. The much I feel led to share at this time is that you need to “participate” in either the new “birth/life” of someone or something because it appears that you are hesitant and taking “a back seat.” I’m not clear if the alcoholic drink is negative- it could be a waiter (representing Our Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit) asking yourself and daughter to “commune” as in “take communion” in something, again, participate. May the Holy Spirit give you clarity, heal your wounds, emotions, and give you the ability to trust again, in Jesus’s Almighty Name, I pray, Amen!


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