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      Hi there! I dreamt I was just trying to go take a shower to get ready for a (wedding I think?? Some kind of important event) My cousin’s wedding is coming up in real life. But I walk in and there are 3 huge green/yellow/brownish slugs creeping around! One in the shower, one on the bathroom wall and i think one on the floor. I was mosty frustrated and scared, but I went in there anyways hoping they wouldn’t get me or anything. I rushed washing my hair, thinking how something always tries to ruin my plan! (true in real life) THEN (foggy on this part) a HUGE sluglike creature with a shell on it’s back (like a lizard/turtle/dinosaur shell) Size of a small dog) JUMPED on my back and held on. I can’t remember anything else or how I felt or what happened after. That is all. I dream a lot but this one seems to remain on my mind and so I’m asking the Lord if there is anything he wants to show me through it. Any thoughts welcome. What a great forum by the way! Blessings, Amber

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      Hello Amber,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Here are some rhetorical questions that might help you with your dream. Kindly note that I don’t need you to give me an answer but for you to reflect on.
      1)Are there three things in your life that might be slowing you down? (e.g., envy, jealousy, greed, negative thinking, victim mentality, etc.)
      2)Is there something from your past that is holding you back?
      3)Are you eager to attend an event/partnership/engagement (it doesn’t necessarily have to be a literal romantic relationship) but you are procrastinating on or being very cautious before you leap?
      The good news is that you are preparing. Don’t rush the acquisition of wisdom. In addition, perhaps you need to make haste in the preparation process of some specific area(s) and pray against any spirit of ungodly delay.
      Be encouraged that God gives us dreams at times to show us areas that we need to work on in other to progress to the next stage in our life.


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      *next stage in our lives

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