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      These two minor testimonies speak to how God always wants to give us His best. Both occurred recently in the same week. I was scheduled to work Sunday morning overtime. I work in law enforcement, and although I have to work shift work, I have been working 6 days a week for months now due to short staffing, and I work almost every Saturday. So, when I saw I was scheduled for a Sunday morning, I was perturbed, partly because everyone knows I am involved in men’s ministries and church. So when a co-worker asked me to work for her on a Friday, I agreed and asked her to take my Sunday shift. Which she agreed. Now, I am authorized to make schedule changes, as long as everything is covered, so I made the changes. My chief changed the hours the next week without explanation, so I changed them back. He then changed the hours again with a follow-up email that he had no choice but to force me on overtime so he could schedule my co-worker for a Saturday dance. Well, I’m exasperated at this point, and I remember what Nicole always tells us: to go to God in prayer and speak in tongues. So I gave it up to God while praying in tongues, and I crafted an email stating I was starting a new men’s ministry at 6 am Sunday morning, followed by church service, and later in the evening, I have High School ministry. About 2 hours later, another co-worker mentioned to me who he was trying to get Sunday night off, but he was confused about who to talk to about switching shifts because he saw me on schedule, then off, then back on, then off, while my chief put himself on the Sunday morning shift. Then another officer cleared off training so that he can take the Sunday night shift and my co-worker who was trying to swap shifts to the morning worked out, and my Chief does not have to work on Sunday. I am telling you, you can’t make this stuff up!

      The second involves how I believe God has been leading me to switch schools to a different discipline. I felt strongly the Lord was leading me to a particular school, and I went to apply, but the online application was buggy and would not let me enter my first name, so I could not submit the application. The only letter that worked was the letter “e.” I tried several times and got the same result. Well, I initially took this as God closing the door, but again, I remember what Nicole is teaching us about the spirit of delay, so I lift it up to God, telling Him I believe this is the path for his perfect will and He if does not want me to pursue it, I need a clear door shut. I prayed in tongues and went to sleep. The next day, I called the school and explained what was going on with their application. The lady I talked to was very sweet sounding and was perplexed that I was encountering that issue. She said to try the application again, which should work, but if not, give her a call back immediately. I discerned something spiritual from the lady that I cannot put my finger on, but I felt a sense of peace while speaking with her. I logged into the application and was able to submit it. Praise the Lord!

      Thank you, Nicole, for sharing with us how to engage in spiritual warfare and stick close to God. I know this testimony is small in comparison to some others I have read, but they remind me that God cares about everything we do, no matter how small. I also believe this is part of living the abundant life Jesus says He wants to give us.

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      James, there is no testimony too small. God answered! And I am sure He is pleased that you acknowledged it! You know when we miss how He moves in the little things we miss how He’s moving in our day to day lives. Keep looking at the small things. The details matter! Blessings.

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      How deep & vast is the Father’s love for us! I cannot describe the amazing revelation of His Love within, but I know it came through this wonderful ministry. Thank you, Lord.

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