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      Shannon Brown-Holland

      Thank you so much in advance for your prayers & support it means a lot! May God continue to bless your ministry abundantly! Please pray for spirit led resources, guidance, people & teachings that will help me become more valuable in the marketplace, not only to secure me & my sons future but that God will allow me to become a success at business, investing in assets & stocks & retire myself at age 55 while putting my sons through college & becoming a homeowner I want to be an example & teach other single women with children they can just as successful or even more successful. I’ve been constantly praying for the curse to be lifted off of finances it seems no matter how much I earn I am still living paycheck to paycheck with severely damaged credit I owe so many creditors I don’t even know where to start I’ve been renting for so long & I’ve been longing to buy a home for years for my sons I’ve always a stable job can’t see to ever come out of debt we’ve even been homeless while I was working full time but God has always been faithful & put us in the hands of some great people to assist in the path, but now it’s truly time for a breakthrough God can trust me with tithing my 1st fruits, fasting & praying I just wanna see tangible results in my business & on my job I would like to stop working overtime just to make ends meet so I can spend more time building my business & networking with other wise business owners. I would to build a successful business to encourage my sons to want more out of life & show them & teach them that financial freedom is possible, no one in my family has ever owned a business & I thank God I am continuing my late family legacy but I can’t seem to figure out how to come from under this generational financial curse it feels like a strong hold money seem to just disappear & I truly want to learn to be a good steward over my finances & budget & manage every resource so I can build a steady foundation financially for myself, my son’s & those connected to me that may need help I’m the future from me. No one in my immediate family was financially successful & I want to break that barrier. I truly want to become a homeowner it’s been a long time dream I’ve been sharing was for so long, God’s word says we are to dominate in the earth & have ownership, but I believe it’s a spirit holding me back from pursuing my dreams of becoming financially free. Do I fast more often? Do I give more than just tithes & offering? Maybe there’s someone I haven’t forgiven? Is it my consistency? I’m very grateful how far the Holy Trinity has brought me & my son’s but becoming debt free & financially free will change our lives for the better we been through so much & I truly want the best for our futures & all those connected to me. Thank you for your prayers! God bless your ministry exceedingly & abundantly!

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      Faithful father,

      I thank you for Shannon’s heart to seek you and your will. I praise you for how you have and continue to keep her and her sons and how you have sustained them through trials and dry seasons. You are Jehovah Jireh and we have seen your power, glory and might in providing for your people. I pray that you lead Shannon to the resources and people she needs to learn and gain knowledge. I pray you grant her repentance in any area where she is not aligned with your will and your way. I pray Shannon be able to surrender and yield to your voice and your wisdom. Grant her the ability to listen and obey. May she be satisfied in your and may her security, identity and longings be for you. I pray for stillness, and for her to believe your word and your love for her and her boys. Thank you that you have plans to prosper her and not to harm her and to give her a hope and a future. May she rest in knowing that you are working and that your will for her will prevail. Stay her mind on your because she trusts in your and may the joy of the Lord be her strength as she waits, watches and obeys your instructions and direction. Amen.

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