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      Mikkel Langaas

      Connect Church
      Prayer requests for Mike Langaas at: 94 Stiles Ave Apt C Belgrade MT 59714
      Please pray for Kevin Stempke, who is getting a kidney transplant this fall. Please pray that he can get the money and support his needs in that process.
      Please pray for Matt Walker who was in a car accident, is 17 and from Belgrade MT.
      Please pray for my mother who is have health issues, going through a painful divorce, and that she can find a place to live and keep her to 2 service dogs after the divorce is finished.
      Please pray for my friend Mike Cawley who is moving from West Yellowstone to Bozeman Mt. He needs employment and a relationship with Christ.
      Please pray for my friend Mike Linger. Mike is a christion already but is considering leaving his wife and child in Minnesota to move to Montana. He is looking for employment and housing if he does move out this way.
      Please pray for my roommates. They are not believers in Christ and need God in there lives.
      Please pray for my friend Matt Berg. He and his family are being called to move from Jackson, Tenn to a new location.
      Please pray for the divide that is with my family with this divorce that is happening.
      Please pray that my blackouts will stop with my new postion starting this week.
      Please pray that I can be stable and healthy with my new position and get out of debt.
      Please pray that my family can stop being so divided over my parent’s divorce and the different views we have on the issues.
      Please pray that I can get along better with my roommate’s mom Robin. She and I clash on religious views all the time and we need to find peace with this.
      Please pray for my friend Sam. Sam is currently going through spiritual attacks or drug issues and has lost his job in the process. Please pray that he can get back on his feet.
      Please pray that I can get forgivness from the Gawtry family and that they can have Christ in their lives. Please pray for my friend Doug Gawtry, who is now a part-time firefighter and that he can be safe.
      Please pray that my mother Patty can not get suicidal and severly depressed with all the stress she is facing.
      Please pray that I can be a better witness for Christ and dive into the scriptures more.
      Please pray for my mother who is having a change in counselors and that the new lady can help her in health needs.
      Please pray that my friend Mike Linger can get through back surgery successfully and that his family can support him.
      Please pray that my mom can be strong in her faith over the next few months as this divorce ends and Christmas comes around, it is a hard time of year for her. Please pray that I can find a job with benefits so I can continue seeing my counselor, who has been a true blessing for me. Please pray for the people at Connect Church who have been wonderful and very supportive in helping me out.
      Thanks for your prayers/support!!!

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