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      Mei Chin

      Family Situation 1
      My son, Joshua, has to drop out of junior college (senior high school) coz of schizophrenia. His mental health started to give way about 5 years ago & had to take long MC leave from school. He returned to school this year but had to terminate his schooling abruptly as his condition deteriorated, despite intense medical treatment, such as, undergoing 2 cycles of ECT (2014 to treat his suicidal tendencies; 2 weeks ago(early December 2015) to treat his moods) by a reputable psychiatrist in Singapore. It has been extremely draining & threatening to us his caregivers as he has a tendency to vent his irrational anxiety about his fears of anti-Christ, spies & pastors reporting badmouthing about him to our Singapore government. He would often accuse us of lying when we try our best to re-assure or rationalize with him and ended up being attacked by him. Just this week, we have called the police to assist us coz he had threatened to punch me and kill his father. We are torn between sending him away to an asylum coz our lives could be endangered by his uncontrollable rage, or keeping him wiz us by counseling/rationalising wiz him& risking our lives in the process. But locking him up in an asylum would mean depriving him of Sunday church attendance. Both my husband & I are very financially drained & stressed. We are at our wits’ end.
      I believe in God’s healing power. Joshua present condition causes him to misinterpret the bible altogether, so he has stopped reading The Word. My husband, Benjamin, is a backslider and does not attend church. He indulges regularly in geomancy (a method of divination that interprets markings on the ground or siting of buildings & observation of dates & timings for luck). So I am seriously wondering if Joshua’s mental condition has something to do with this conflicting belief.
      My other son, Seng, has been under tremendous pressure to perform in the National Uni of Singapore as a Year 3 (final year) Science student as he is under Singapore government scholarship. But he is very much distressed by his brother’s unstable mental condition & lacks peace of mind to study. This is worsened by the fact that he is finding the going very challenging as Pure Maths isn’t really his cup of tea. He has been getting borderline results despite our prayers for him to excel. He is so stressed up that he even hears negative vibes about him from fellow students & members of the public. I am afraid he is hallucinating, like his brother Joshua. If his results continue to slide, he may not qualify for Honours year after this final year, & it is a requirement for him to do Honours year under the terms of the scholarship. If he loses his scholarship for not doing honours year, I have to pay back the government what we owe.
      1) Pl kindly support me with prayer for Benjamin’s salvation/deliverance & Joshua’s total healing. We desperately need Joshua to recover so that he can be an independent, functioning & productive person. Both Benjamin & myself are getting on in age & we cannot be caring for Joshua forever. Thank you.
      2) For God to intervene in Seng’s mental health & academic performance by excelling & qualifying for Honours; that we won’t be made to pay back the government Seng’s scholarship money.

      Career/Workplace Situation 2
      I am teaching at a junior college. I have a superior who is younger than I am & who is not at all appreciative of me or value my experience in the subject area (Project Work) that I am teaching in. In fact I have been given a D ranking (barely meeting expectation) by this head of department for 4 years during my annual performance appraisal despite my effort to meet her expectations or the brilliant results my students have been obtaining at the Cambridge ‘A’ Levels exam (senior high level). She finds faults in every area, such as, lack of engagement during my PW lecture, etc. Nothing that I do would ever be enough coz of this blatant nit-picking. It is getting very stressful & demoralizing. I realize too late that I should have asked for a transfer to another junior college earlier but I actually enjoyed the school & the students. The Principal & the Vice-Principal are hinting that I should quit the teaching service altogether next year which is prior to my retirement. I cried out to my God & ask why, Lord, that He promoted me to this high rank only for me to be degraded by a younger superior/Head of Department, who is disparaging behind close door review of my work performance. I have never been threatened so much by job insecurity before. I am quite close to getting my retirement pension but they heartlessly indicated that it is not their concern whether I should wait until my pension is due for collection as I am not good enough to stay on in the college.

      3) Please pray for help to deliver me from this dilemma, that the higher up (Principal) will eventually see my strengths & will not sack me when she comes in to evaluate my performance in 2016 since I pointed out to her that the ‘D’ has not been an objective rating. I am very upset & afraid. I need a miracle. I can see that this is a spiritual warfare targeting my finances. I need the retirement money to support my family (my backslidden husband, Benjamin, is jobless & has a heart problem & son Joshua who needs psychiatric attention for mental problems) & the entire performance appraisal is highly subjective & skewed. I hope to apply a transfer all the same to another junior college in 2016 without any obstacles caused by the 4 years of ‘D’ rating or their adverse report of my performance. I desperately need God’s divine intervention to allow me to continue teaching & earn an income so that I would not forfeit my retirement pension at 62 years old by being ‘robbed’ by Satan, the accusing devourer.

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      Standing with you in prayer Mei. Please do not throw in the towel. You are correct the enemy is trying to steal what you have worked for in the last year. Be strengthened in the Lord. This is a lot for you to carry by yourself.

      We pray that God will give you wisdom to deal with Joshua the correct way. This may be adding extra pressure upon your entire family. Is the facility something you could consider until you retire? This is a high possibility that is the main factor (the root) for what is happening with your husband, Seng and possibly your job performance. If removing this one stressor in your life would help to get everyone else on track then this may be something you want to think about. This is temporary until you have the time to handle this.

      At any rate, we will pray for you and your entire family.

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