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      Abu Kamara

      I need help in interpreting this dream. I just got married 3months ago, and yesterday my wife called me and said she wants to talk to me about stuff and ask that we pray and fast after. So she asked me if i have ever had a dream having sex with her. I said never but she said she has been been having dreams about us having sex. She even explained that while she was napping yesterday, she saw hr ex boy friend in her dream who walked into the house with other guys and some girls and making love in our bed. so we prayed and prayed and i left for work because i work night shift. I called her in the morning checking how was her night. she replied that she had a terrible dream again and this time she went to visit her best friend and there was this guy forcefully kissing her best friend and all she found her self laughing so hard. Worst of all, she was pregnant and all of a sudden started feeling some type of way. we went to the hospital and they said she had a miscarry. Please help me in interpreting this dream

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      She may have whats called a Spirit husband. Look up Dr. D.k. olukoya. You need to pray powerful prayer points and fasting to cast that devil out. If you can say the below prayer every day together or individually, so that Satan will not steal you blessings. Heres is a prayer to begin with:

      Father, if any dreams & visions I’ve had today and thru out my history were of you then I come into complete agreement with your will, purpose and all of your promises that are YES and AMEN and blessings that makes me rich and you add no sorrow to them and that they all manifest on time in my life. However, if my dreams & visions were not of you but are demonically & satanically initiated then I reject,renounce, denounce, rebuke and cancel any and all evil covenants, curses and subtle demonic & satanic agreements that were established in my dreams & visions and that it will never manifest, take shape or form in my spiritual & physical life and I also curse the spirit of forgetting every dream and vision you give me, Lord I also ask for the gradual increase of the spirits of wisdom, dream interpretation, revelation, knowledge, retention of good information, vivid remembrance, understanding, discernment, favor and complete instructions for all dreams & visions you give me in the name of your son and my savior Jesus Hallelujah!!!!!!

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