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      Dee Marie

      Dream 1.

      I was driving a van on a highway, I think it was at night it was me and my 16 month grandson. I was driving the van backwards into the highway, looking back and using my mirrors, but I was in front of people I knew, driving a second van. No other vehicles on the road, but them, and they were following me. I don’t remember how many were in that van. I was staying on the road, not swerving or anything, so I was in control, and somewhat confident although I was driving backwards. I was just wondering why was I driving backwards on the road instead of forward. {I know a vehicle is a means of transportation, and although I was going backwards, I was in control. But to me I was going in the right direction but doing it the wrong way. Night to me means being unable to see clearly, and the 2nd vehicle I don’t know…seems like someone following me to a certain extent, not completely because they were not driving backwards.}

      Dream 2.
      I seem to have been busy moving around somehow, going somewhere doing something. but I can’t remember. But there was a 2nd dream…I was talking to someone about their pajama designs having keys. Colors I remember was white and pinkish. I told them they should have a key and each should be unique. I saw at least 1 design that had to do with a sleeve, it being shown on someones arm, then I handed them the key and said vocally (I heard myself talking), here’s your key. {For this one, I believe there’s some type of talent to bring me some financial freedom with some idea being given to someone. Because I have what they need to take them up further than they have gotten so far without me}.

      Dream 3.
      I was reading Genesis 30 about versus 40-43 Jacob was in the process of deceiving Laban, and I guess I dozed off. And I saw what looked like me in a large upstairs house. The entrance or huge foyer area, very brightly lit, radiant looking, very clean, spotless. I remember tan and white marble flooring, the foyer was mildly decorated. Im not sure about the distance from the top of the staircase or how many stairs. It’s like I just appeared on the staircase headed down. I didn’t see what was at the top or behind me. It’s like I felt it happening to me, but I didn’t completely see myself. (If that makes sense). As I was coming down the stairs sort of slipping as I got close to the end of the stairway. I realized I was coming downstairs and slipping, and I grabbed the banister to my right with both hands to break my fall. Knowing then it was me, I said ahn ahn . I wasn’t frightened, I think I was just trying to control the way I was coming downstairs. (I heard myself audibly again like the last time) and I came out of it…the dream or vision. { This one, it’s well lit up so I can clearly see how Beautiful, peaceful and serene this entrance into this huge house was. To me it’s maybe appearing to show the glory of God in that place. Maybe me looking as if I’m slipping down the staircase is a way of submission and me trying to control my landing. } 🤷🏽‍♀️

      Dream 5.

      Dream 6.
      I closed my eyes and I saw a public service bus. I mainly saw the front inside of the Bus, as if you’re boarding. Only the entrance area with 3 to 4 steps…no color I think black n white or black n silver or whatever colors dreams are when they’re not colorful. I could hear people arguing. (Very quick dream or vision) Besides the bus being another means of transport and the steps I would say is up or down. I don’t k ow what this means.

      Dream 7.

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