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      I keep having dreams about my husband dying or getting killed. we have been married for over 10 years and are in the process of getting a divorce. He is very hot-tempered and very sexually active outside the marriage. We are both still in the home we are buying together, but he rarely stays here. He does not help with anything, including the kids. I have had several dreams of him dying either by walking into a lake or getting killed. In the last dream, I had I killed him and stuffed him in a garbage dumpster. As the dump truck was coming to pick up the garbage my best friend walked up and asked me what I was doing. I told her that I had killed my husband and I put him in the dumpster. She looked over at the dumpster and said that his head was sticking out and we needed to put it down in it so that the workers would not see him when they picked up the dumpster. just as the truck arrived to pick up the garbage, and his head was still showing, I woke up. Can you help with what this means?

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      Shannon Leigh

      Hello friend, this sounds like the death of a season in your life. You said you are getting divorced, so it fits. However, God gives dreams to make us aware of something we don’t already know, lol. This dream may be trying to tell you to let go of negative feelings for him, so God can move you forward. Say goodbye to the negative thoughts and feelings you may be holding onto, and throw them in the garbage. It’s a spiritual cleansing. The head sometimes means head knowledge, where the body means spiritual knowledge. If his head was still sticking out, it may mean that as you let go of negative feelings about him, don’t forget to let go of negative memories and thoughts of things he’s done. The garbage truck could have been God coming to remove the junk you’ve been trying to let go of. Usually when this happens, He’s about to do a new work in your life, but it can only happen if you’ve totally let go to allow this new thing to come in. If you’ve seen many different ways that he’s died, it might be that God has been helping you in many different ways to do this. Ask Him to help you get rid of that last bit of hurt, pain and negativity from what your husband has caused. Plays on words usually happen in dreams as well. The play on words here could be telling you your junk removal could be “coming to a head”, and it’s the last step in the process before your healed and cleansed of the negativity. One more step and your free! I hope this helps, but take it to God in prayer!

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