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      I had a dream I was in the hospital and these doctors are showing a few of us there how there was this man they kept to draw blood. He was almost naked and there were cuts all ove him and blood pouring out. He was in agony becuz he was kept for that horrific setup. Then overtime, I feel it in the dream that the other two guys seeing this are candidates to being in position as well because they are at a point where they are not just observing anymore. As they go on the elevator to observe, one guy is falling asleep and getting tired but the doctor had to push him to prop him up as if saying “we’re not done yet” and I feel as though they could not leave even if they want to. As if they are in a spell or mind controlled now. Then while I witnessed that, I would wake up in another room with blood coming out of my left arm and I felt that they are putting me in consideration to be kept in the hospital to get blood out of me.

      Once I woke up, I prayed to cancel that dream and for God to retrieve back any blood, life and virtue stolen from me. I also cancelled going this new prayer group I’m supposed to meet since I feel like I gotta step back and be cautious of new people I meet.

      Any dream interpretation? Please let me know and please keep me in my prayers to pray against this dream. Thank you guys so much.

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