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      I had a dream that I was working in a hospital. I wasn’t in medical gear, but seemed to be in the Administrative side. I got an urgent sense in the dream to look for the CEO and warn him of an upcoming disaster.
      The upcoming disaster was a dream (within this dream) where I saw that there were two tectonic plates underneath the hospital building that were going to collide by sliding against each other. This made the building unstable and caused a crisis as we tried to evacuate everyone using the emergency exits. I remember shouting Evacuate! Evacuate!
      It was a huge hospital building, tall skyscrapper and wide like a shopping mall so the occupants were too many.

      So I started looking for the CEO in every office and room. I looked for him everywhere and eventually took an escalator. This escalator looks like normal ones except it has a vertical curve midway, so the steps become vertical and it’s like you slip downwards to the bottom. At the bottom was a stream of water and it would rise to wash the soles of your feet/shoes.
      I got on the escalator and when it turned vertical, I held on to a laptop in my left hand tightly and the other hand lightly holding on to the railing. I remember holding on to the laptop so that the water at the bottom wouldn’t splash onto it. When I dropped to the bottom, the stream of water rinsed the soles of my shoes.
      I then turned right and saw the CEO not far from there, in one of the offices and I just blurted out out that we need an evacuation plan ASAP. The CEO had the face of my paternal cousin who is born again and is a hotel manager. He didn’t appear moved by my call to have an evacuation plan. So I told him about the dream of the tectonic plates colliding under the building.
      Then I woke up.

      It’s after waking up that it didn’t make sense why we would evacuate the sick and those on life support machines, if it was an actual hospital. Then later thought the hospital could represent the church (Psalm 147:3) and the movement of the tectonic plates indicating a split in the church. I’m confused about the evacuation part – the urgency to plan for it and being one of the people who would guide others to safety in the event of a disaster.

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      You are correct the hospital is the church. The CEO is the Lord which is why He was so calm. It is your cousin because the Lord is saying you are family. Read Mark 4:38-40.

      God is going to use you to minister to people when this split happens. This is bigger than just your church. Do you have a website or are you sharing the word online? I ask this because you had the laptop in your hand and it is a method of communication. Pray about starting up something online because that may be how you will rescue people.

      Read John 13:1-17, Luke 19:10.

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      Many thanks Marsha for the insights and scripture. Been prayerful and reflective. I also work in communication so that laptop revelation was spot on. Seeking God for strategies on the way forward and moving in faith (not like the disciples panicking on the boat or my panic in the dream)
      God bless you 🙏🏽

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