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      Hello brothers and sisters

      Scenes 1: I am in my old church at the front, I think I was speaking but i went to sit down. Behind me were my old church friends whom I grew up with within the church
      We were singing a hymn that was very familiar but was sang in a Maverick city church kind of way, I did not know the lyrics so I saw a hynm book on the ground, picked it up but I really couldn’t find the hymn. Also, it was getting dark outside (maybe being late in the evening?) But there were no lights being turned on. The church attendance was quite normal. I walked to the back of the church in an attempt to switch on the light and when I did, my old pastor was asking a question, congregants put up their hands up and a old congregant (is passed away in 2020) put up his hand but was not paid attention to to give an answer

      Scene 2 -scene changes to my childhood home. I am about to sleep, my niece was with me. My university lecturer or someone I really respected (maybe mentor) called me over the phone and told me I forgot something somewhere so I invited her to come to drop it off at my house. I heard a knock outside and I woke up went to the kitchen, she was already in the kitchen (went through the entrance into the house but the door between kitchen and passage was locked (I wondered how she got through) I could see not see reflection who she was but the window was a but distorted -i only saw a structure.. hair and a white jersey.
      I spoke out and I let her in. I was my grandmother (who passed away in 2019) she was wearing a white jersey and a blue skirt (she wore that to work normally) that kind of made sense howbshe got through the kitchen door?

      Scene 3 -Another knock at the front door this time, it’s my aunt with her daughter wearing black clothes – leather jackets. My aunt (passed away in 2019) was upset with her daughter, her daughter (20) only wanted to live in an apartment and not attend school anymore which defeated the purpose of the apartment. My aunt cried and was unconsolable, but I gave her a hug, when she felt better, I went into the house and there were so many children! Children I knew (family) but the house was very full of people.
      I went put back and saw a few children digging a whole in the garden, I was so defeated that I just left them

      I went back into the house. It was dark again (like in my scene1 at church) The bathroom, which was now some sort of office? I couldn’t make out the objects but there was a sound of a washing machine I though (mom got a new washing machine) but when the lights were on I could see that it was a printer that was running and tob to the left was my old computer stand and tobthebfar right where the bathtub used to be was my new work desk

      End scenes

      Context: I’m currently studying abroad for about 2 years. My mom lives in my childhood home which I still live at
      I have no siblings
      Unlike my other dreams about my gran – this particular scene was strange – I didn’t feel a warmth (she was my best friend)

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      Hello Neo,
      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      I confess that it was hard to follow some of the content of your dream.

      It appears that either you/yourself/church is going through a hard/dark/uncertain time. Some people may be feeling unheard. You need to reflect on what morals/lessons/advice/values that your “grandmother”(either literal or what she represents) taught you and consider implementing it as long as it is Biblical and Spirit-led.
      I believe that scene #2 unlocks the full interpretation of your dream. Take it back to the Holy Spirit for clarity.


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