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      Joshua C

      t’s been a while since I reached out to you on here, but I just had crazy dream and I was hoping you could check it out for me and interpret it if God allows you to… I been dealing so much lately and most of my dreams I got a good handle on but this one was a little strange and I really want to know what it’s saying to me.., please help me if you can 🙏🏽

      Here it goes…..

      Dream.,, I was in a car
      With two people, don’t remember who they were.., but felt like I knew them… but we were all doing the same thing.,, then I just got out the car and I started flying high high in the air.,,I was floating in the wind and going up higher n higher.., I had a cape on and that was catching the wind and taking me up..,, but quickly I mastered it.,., the people in the car with me seen me up there n were amazed at what I was doing and how high I was going…………. I landed in a lake of water a ways away but it was shallow enough for me not to drown and just stay near the top a bit..,, and there was like a big group of security people or police security lookin people right by me and they seen me land in the water near by, I started talkin to them, almost joking them or roasting them lightly.,,,…,,,,,,,
      from me being in the lake of water I instantly transitioned into time travel to get away from the security people that were watching me.,,but it felt like it was all connected tho…,
      first I appeared in this all white Christian school.,, and I was clowning around a bit with 4 different teachers, and some of the students.., but I was giving them the truth in the process.,, I was low key roasting them but I was telling each teacher about the other one in a realer than real sort of way that seemed w lighting to everybody listening.,,,I got on the intercom and started saying some weird but funny stuff, a lil in-appropriate if I be honest,.,, I was saying this n that and they got a little upset at me but nobody stopped me because it was pretty funny to them all and the whole school was super amused even tho they didnt wanna admit it because it was a strict all white Christian school.,,near the end the of my time there the principal snuck up behind me with a hammer and was about to whack me to sleep to get me out the school but I seen him and turned around and told him about himself and he was embarrassed a bit… I said my final farewells to the 4 teachers and prepared myself to leave peacefully…,…
      From there, then I started time traveling to different times n places and stuff like that, I was having fun with it.,. It was like I mastered it and could control where I was going and how things went when I got there.,, eventually I ended up in a reality of a basketball tournament like scenario with alot of people i knew there.., my team was the Orlando magic,… and I was killin in the tournament.,, I was talkin mad trash too.,, playing a lot of defense but still had my offense game too.., I was talkin about how much I loved to play defense now.., my cousin dubie was there watching n complimenting me on how good I got.., I was talking trash to my old school mate Durrell Coleman who played for the Miami heat.., we played them next, and my team had been winning and sending a lot teams in the tournament home back to back so I was talking mad trash telling them that they were next.,, I had a battle rap song in the background playing talkin about it too… when all this was going on we had the layup lines going and we were gettin warmed up… then I ran to the bathroom and that’s when I woke up out the dream.,. But I had the feeling that i could go back in..,, so we’ll see if I do or what happens now that im about to go back to sleep…

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      Hello Joshua,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share back to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Stay close to the Lord and continue on your spiritual journey in Christ. The Lord as angels to minister to you but you really need to guard against pride. We are the epistle that people read (2 Corinthians 3:2) and as such need to represent Christ well by the power of the Holy Spirit. Do not dabble in other “spiritual” practices that are anti-Christ or New Age. Finally, remember Zechariah 4:6.


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