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      I had an interesting dream last night: It was me and dad driving to an old house we use to live in but I wasn’t sure why but my 2 dogs were there and possibly my friend of 16 years who disappeared on me over 2 years ago. When we got there she went to the back of the house and I couldn’t find her but when I went back outside I wasn’t sure if that was her or was she disguised as one of my dogs (odd) I know there was a desire for me to connect with her but I woke up.

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      Hi Maurice!

      Dogs can be representative of your companionship/relationship and intimacy with the Lord, and the fact that you lost your friend could just simply mean that friendship with God is something you have lost and you are trying to connect with Him again. The fact that your friend was disguised as the dog seems to be another hint that there’s an overlap with the symbol of the dogs and your friend. This is the simplest interpretation.

      It’s also possible that your Heavenly Father could be trying to take you back to a part of your character or identity that might have been formed in that stage of your life when you lived in that house. What does that house represent for you that is relevant to your life right now? What characteristic/personality trait might your old friend represent? Something perhaps in yourself the Lord is trying to connect you to? Looking up the meaning of your friend’s name might also clue you in.

      I hope this helps in understanding your dream!

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