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      Maria Oramas

      I was in a car dealership with my dad to purchase a truck. So, I am taking to my dad and telling him which trucks I like and that I like a blue truck. I showed him sone trucks but he said they are too tall and they may roll. So, I responded is fine as long is deep bright blue. The sales person asked my dad when would he be ready to purchased the truck because there was a 0 percent offer because of his credit and my dad responded this Sunday. So as we made our way to the back of the dealership we passed a gas pump with the price 3.76 on it and I made the coment look it has a price maybe they let people to come and purchase gas for that price. So, then I was walking towards the back offices of the dealership when I saw a mother brown bear with 2 cubs running like they were tired and hungry they slumped in front of me, so I jumped on top of a hood of a car to get away from the mother bear because she had the young with them and I did not know if she was going to attack me. Then, she got up and came towards me in a friendly manner like she was hungry and tired and was asking me for help So, I got down from the car and they followed me in the buolding so I was making sure there was no one present so the bears wont feel threaten. I found a large grape vine in the refrigerator so I said well they can eat sone fruit. The grapes were the read ones. So then I started feeding the bears by hand, as people noticed the bears in the room people began to feed them the grapws. Then I went back to the fridge to see if I could find more food which I did. Then there was a sales man that was worried about the bears to me we can give them a drink to make them drowsy and they can leave the building. I responded no I will lead them outside to the woods so they can be safe and I woke up. I have been praying about the revelation but not sure if I am interpreting this right.

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      Maria Oramas

      One more thing my dad passed away years ago in 1985.

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      Hello Maria,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      You might be asking God for next steps in your career and ministry and telling Him what you desire. Listen to what He says but it does appear that you want to be aligned to His Will.
      Reflect on who the bear, cubs, and sales man might represent in real life. You might need to advocate for the bear/cubs. Here’s a rhetorical question for you. Does 3.76 mean anything to you in the context of your spiritual source/church? You can look up scriptures that correspond to that. As an example Psalms 37:6 and any other combination of 3,7,6.


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