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      I was in boyfriend’s house and I was just hanging out with him for the first time. We ended up in this room and I needed to cuddle or a hug, and he was reading something or on the phone. I sat on his lap (straddle) and put my arms around his neck, closed my eyes and just hugged him hard. It felt so good to be close to him again and I almost fell asleep in his arms. He woke me up by gently but slightly kissing me on the lips and I responded by kissing him back. I opened my eyes, looked at him, closed them and we began kissing for a while. It felt very beautiful and intimate. We moved to the bed and suddenly, I realized my top had come off and we stopped. I covered my chest and we looked for my shirt, and We were getting excited to lay with one another and just have some private time (not sleep together). I was looking for my pajamas so we could go to bed and continue, while someone came to interrupt us.

      We went outside and there was a woman who thought she was involved with him. There were two other rooms in the row, and one of them was occupied so I took the woman to the last room, and told her to rest. She said she was sorry for calling me a name? I went back to the room with my boyfriend and but then grabbed a blanket and slept on the couch just outside his room to stop the appearance of impropriety. I woke up the next morning where he found me on the couch to talk about moving forward? And I woke up

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