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      I have been having almost similar dreams for 3 consecutive days now. So here it goes.
      Day 1
      I dreamt of being amongst a crowd and it seems like we were being given certificates for being born again or for being believers in Christ. Like when you just get baptized and you get handed that certificate. So this one was similar but after being handed the certificate I was told we need to enter the church building in front of us (we were given the certificates outside in an open area). So I then refused to enter because I said I don’t know the doctrine of the church so I won’t enter it. Someone was trying to convince me but I stood my ground. End of dream

      Day 2
      I dreamt of my sister in law (we used to go to the same church before I relocated) and she and her kids were wearing a church uniform. It was mostly purple with a bit of black and white. She told me she is attending a new church and it’s very nice. And she asked me to join. I refused and I told her I don’t just join a church without knowing their doctrine. She was trying hard to convince me but I refused. End of dream

      Day 3
      I dreamt visiting an old friend of mine at her new house. Her parents sold their old home and bought a new one so that’s where I was. Surprisingly the house looked so old and it had cracked walls, no roof, no windows, broken doors. I was surprised they bought such a house. It wasn’t fit to be lived by anyone. But somehow this house was surrounded by beautiful buildings. And my friend even said to me see that building, it’s a church and it has a very lovely toilet/bathroom, she then said come let us go inside and I will show you. I actually looked up and saw the name of the church, it was an abbreviation like UAIF or something. So I then told her, I really don’t know what this church does and I don’t know the meaning of the abbreviations so I refused to enter. She tried to convince me but I refused. End of dream

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      Hello Favourable,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      It appears that you’ve been sealed by the Holy Spirit and do not let anyone question that. However, please pray for a discerning spirit and wisdom to know when you are called to help the Body of Christ regardless of how things look on the “outside” as all that glitters is not gold. Do not be too cautious/fearful that you might miss a chance to help as you might be the one to help “fix” the “cracks/etc.” with the help of the Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:6). It appears that you might have a gift of discernment and my prayer is that you know how to use it. Please pray for the individuals in your dreams as well.


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