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      Praise the Lord all! Lately, I have been having weird dreams. The other night I had a dream this lady was doing this investigation to help me with something and my dad who I love and get along with very well walked by and was very rude to her. I asked him to leave. I apologized to the lady. She was trying to be seen but he wouldn’t leave and he continued to be rude. I felt so bad. I kept trying to say say go, but my lips wouldn’t move all the way, so I was like whispering the words. I finally reached for his wrist to make my point and yelled out “GO” and then I woke myself up because I was literally screaming “Go” in real life. It was crazy. I would never yell like that at my dad.

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      This means that there is someone in your life that will come with an appearance as if they are helping you when in fact they are not. Your father, this could be your natural father or your spiritual father God, will try to warn you not to trust that person.

      You will be so sure that your father in wrong when in fact your father is right. Keep your eyes open because this may happen soon and then you will know what or who the dream was referring to. Write it down so that you don’t forget.

      God Bless

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