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      hi, please pray for me. I believe I am attacked by a familiar and monitoring spirit. my mother created curses and gave in to demon( obviously without knowing but she treated us very badly. I understand that she was hurting from the rejection from my father. but her iniquities brought grief to her children. we find in our adult life we fight a lot, disagree and have co-dependency issues (all from my mother) she never wanted peace. and would create chaos and arguments. when she died 3 years ago. I gave birth spiritually. after reading your message on Deliverance from monitoring and familiar spirits I can see that there are familiar spirits that torment us only. the devil doesn’t have to bring new things on.
      please pray for the Allens children. I will too

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      abraham sunday ediga adeyi

      For years, i have notice an owl following me every where i go. but did not take it serious until yesterday night when i was came back from work and saw the same owl setting on a pole facing my bedroom window. please pray for me. Every time i start a project i end up not finishing it. i am struggling through life.

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      I am tortured by familiar and monitoring spiritt. I can not get a job, I am in heavy debts, my marriage is in crisis. I am tired. I hahave tried all I can. Please do pray for me now. I wantto be freed and delivered in Jesus name. Help me please now.

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      Prayers for me please.

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      My husband has lost his election for school board. Agree that all monitoring spirits of depression, judging, self righteousness, pride and evil intent will leave us in Jesus Name. Where the Spirt of the Lord is there is liberty, joy and freedom. Nothing wrong was done by this campaign. The voters were of a different mind set. Pray the Lord will bless these efforts and open new opportunities for him.

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      I’m grateful to be alive. My aunt comes to mms at night saying she killed my parents and my brother, now she is left with me…she says she can see all my movements and she is closing all my monies and businesses so that I can suffer. ..please pray for me to have these monitoring spirits go so that I can get my life back

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