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      Please pray for my son to be totally delivered and restored. He is a husband and father of 3 children. He truly loves the Lord and is trying to teach his children to do the same. Long story short he has had it rough. He was molested as a child and I believe that was where alot of his issues began. He prayed asked God for a wife not a girlfriend, and his wife of almost 15 years is his only known relationship, however somewhere along the lines he started using ecstacy pills and the next thing we know he started identifying as bisexual. He started having an affair with a guy. He tried to kill himself a couple years ago. Now he hears voices, and talks to them out loud. His relationship with his wife and daughter is very fractured. Back in October his wife, daughter and I started praying for him daily as the Holy Spirit leads, which why I am now writing in for prayer as I was instructed to do this morning. I know he needs deliverance. The other day his wife recorded and sent me a rant he was having. Several times I heard the demon say to his wife” you are not talking to Mario right now.” It then said to her “if you mention that boy’s name to me one more time” , also whatever demon it is, is pretending or trying to be the Lord. Many times he says the Lord told me …but the things he says the Lord says is truly not of God. He also started messing around with crystals and that type of stuff, and my daughter in love says he plays frequencies. I also heard the demon tell his wife that he is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent so she better humble herself before him. I know those are the attributes of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth not demons. I know my son Loves the Lord, and I know these attacks are to keep him from his destiny in Christ. It was prophesied that he was going to be an Apostle for our Lord Jesus Christ. Everything he tries to do fails. He is a gifted writer and song writer and very creative. But he is so bound that it is very difficult for him to have a normal relationship with his family, or even keep a job or career. He is often called horrible names like faggot, being told those are not your children because you are gay….it’s alot, but I believe that we are on the brink of a breakthrough, which is another reason I am writing this. I thank God that even during all if this, his wife has remained by his side and is faithful him. She believes like I do that the Lord Jesus can and is going to not only deliver, but also restore to Mario all that was stolen from him, redeem the years that the locust has eaten. So please pray with us. In the mighty name of Jesus.
      Thank you

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