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      Tinei Mukomondo

      I hope this email will find you well.
      My case is as follows:

      I am receiving reports from my blood brothers that our parents are into witchcraft business, more so it is alleged that they bewitched us when we were still in the kindergarten ages. It is also said that they use their magic on us in the night, take us during the night and use us in their witchcraft business. Recently my elder brother confronted our mom and dad and the situation is so tense and so disturbing.

      I have decided to bring my petition to you so that you can pray for me for God to intervene in my life in our family, deliver me and cast out fear of witchcraft, also to protect me from the hand of the evil one. It’s something that I can’t accept or deny, I’m so deeply confused and affected socially. I would want to believe that prayer would suffice for my problem.

      I also believe that i should not seek a medium for deliverance(1 Chronicles 10:13). My brothers are going to the sangomas and sorcerers for help. I believe in the word of God and my faith does not allow me to follow that path.

      It’s so serious and my brothers are heavy on me with this issue, they say our lives are being controlled and whatever decision we make, whatever move we make is subject to scrutiny by our parents through their witchcraft committee.

      I believe in God and I need your support through prayer so that God may deliver me from these things if they happen to be true.

      Pray for me also, I recently married Enia Mukatanga, and we are preparing for a marriage ceremony, pray for God’s protection, guidance as well as a happy future

      Thank you in advance

      Yours truly

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      Oguche Sunday Ugbede

      I believe witchcraft powers are working in my family as no progress of what so ever has been made in my family, things seems not to be working in the family and I suspect my Dad and younger brother of practicing witchcraft.

      Kindly intercede on my behalf.


      Yours truly,
      Sunday Ugbede Oguche

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