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      We were in a class set up and my Bishop was seated at the front facing the class as if he’s the one teaching. My boyfriend who’s name is Antony and some other guys I do not remember, were seated in the front seat close to Bishop, they were actually sharing the desk with Bishop only that they places their books on their laps while writing notes. I was seated slightly behind Antony where I could see Antony’s note book and what he was writing. He stood and came to me then he drew a bride in my notebook then went and sat back.

      He went on to writing his notes. I noticed he had drawn a bride on his notebook as well and because in real life he likes jotting down inspirations or instructions or visions in his notebooks during church service, I seemed to understand why he sketched that drawing. A friend of mine called Judy was seated next to me and I thought she can also see his notebook and the sketch of the bride so I told her that Antony likes drawing.

      Then Bishop called out Jane wanjiru Njenga and everyone said that it’s me. I responded that my name is Jane wanjiru Gachiri and not Njenga. It felt like my leader in the department I serve in church had written my surname wrongly so she explained to me that she had Heard me say Njenga earlier on. So Bishop brought the book to her to correct my name.

      The book was an offering record keeping book so she started showing me the names of people who send their offerings and mentioned that it’s the same old people meaning the names keep repeating themselves. Under my name there was a number 8.4 as the amount I had sent. Then I woke up as she was trying to figure out how to correct my name

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      Hello Jane,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      The dream might be soulish or providing insight about your boyfriend’s thoughts towards you. By soulish, I mean that it might be your wishful thinking of desiring to be a bride and by providing insight, it could suggest how he truly feels about you, that is, he desires for you to be his bride.
      It appears that there might be misconceptions about who you are and some false information might be circulated in the church body in terms of your character, nature, spiritual identity and so forth.
      My prayer is that you discern if your boyfriend is meant for you, in terms of marriage and if so that the Lord gives him clarity about same and not be negatively influenced by the Bishop or anyone else. If he is not for you, that you will have the discernment to see it and grace for you to wait for the man that the Lord has for you. Ask the Lord to give you clear signs about if Anthony is meant for you and how to address the wrong misconceptions of you in your circle.


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