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      Please pray for me, that as of now&forever, my apt.’s huge cockroach problem from a kitchen sink plumbing situation will be permanently gone even before Mario the maintenance guy gets here this morning. That this nightmarish problem is permanently replaced by the mightiest warrior Angelic Hosts to daily fight vermin attacks&win for God’s glory, permanently stopping this disgusting problem. Especially Jesus’ blood covers my apt.&each apt. in the building,keeping all tenants&I passed over this vermin infestation, it’s permanently sent back to the pit of hell. It’s replaced by our Sovereign Father God Almighty’s Hand of blessing permanently covering myself&all tenants in the building(&our families,friends& co-workers),keeping us saved(i.e. atheist Mark C.), safe&free of all vermin/problems&prospering throughout the New Year 2023, especially that I can pay rent(blessings on brother Paul for helping me by paying the rent for now), send offerings to your ministry, get a new pair of eyeglasses but meanwhile Abba supernaturally heals my eyesight (&my unsaved sister Ezilidanto’s)& permanently heals cancers of Alexa, Dorothy, Miriam,
      &Rand for His glory,amen, thanks!

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      Creator God, you are the God who created all things and we pray in agreement with Clevi that the vermin and any and all infestations be consumed with fire and eradicated. We pray every door, hole and or issue that contributed be dealt with and that Clevi and her neighbours have peace and be free without fear/anxiety. Lord, we pray for provision and continued abilities to pay her rent and for the ability to give and meet her needs. We pray for healing of her sisters eyesight and full healing of cancer for Alexa, Dorothy, Miriam and Rand. We pray you be glorified, Amen.

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