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      Dear Sister/ Brother in Christ, I want interpretation for 1 dream that i got few months back before that i would like to share my situation and circumstances,my self i came to know the lord Jesus Christ from other faith,right now i have been waiting for Job and marriage, one day afternoon i cried and i slept for sometime later i woke up around 3PM, the dream is follows like
      there was a Mango tree, in that only one beautiful and Big mango is there that is on top of that branch, surroundings there are 2 elderly strong men are there but they are not picking that Mango and even they are not ready to climb that mango tree, as a girl i climbed that tree and i plucked out that Beautiful and Big Mango and then i cut it into pieces i distributed to everyone in that these two elderly strong men also there, everyone is eating Mango pieces very happily , i dint eat that mango piece and i was very happy in that dream while they are eating mango pieces..

      right now i am facing lot of problems regarding marriage proposal, one proposal i got but it was cancelled, God spoke to me that that boy is in Gods will, but boy said no to me..i am waiting on the lord.

      would you please interpret dream.

      Thank you

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