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      I was in the dream as i saw this other female was walking and there was 2 male figures who stopped her to rob her of her money not sure what else they took. Then they let her go and she walked off then the 2 male figures started wallking off counting money . I guess they didnt get as much . As they had said maybe we should go back and what if she identify us lets make sure she not gonna go after us.or let her join us.

      Now i watched this from behind along stretch of bushes. But the bushes were thin you can see thru. I watched the men go around the bush back towards the female. I followed the hedge trying not to be seen so i can get away.

      But the men spotted me. They took me to a house. Would not let me escape. Something like saying i will be living there. Do as they say but could roam the house is all. I saw other people in the home they snatched up too. But those people were just going along with every day life and not fighting those men or was just like serving them.

      Now i was quiet and not fought but waited till there was an opportunity to sneak out of the house. There was one person that they snatched up there that gave me the nod to go. They didnt stop me but helped me make it easier to escape. So i took off and as i ran down the street there was a fence or gate. I went over the gate where there was grass. To my surprise there were cows on the other side of fence. I was gonna climb the other fence beside it but saw then it was electric fence so i opted to climb over this other fence next to a building alley way.

      As i went down alley towards front of building there was a corner cafe store i thought maybe to go in there to seek help to get out of town. but i notice it was all nice n peaceful quiet everyone minding there own business. I think i got a map but i felt something was off.

      So i snuck out without anyone really noticing because i got the impresseion they were all in on the snatching people up like a cult type community. I know the house i was at early the head women worked at a store cafe. So i was thinking i better find my way out of town. I thought not to trust the police because if its a cult community then i have no way to escape out of town. I headed down the street. Then i woke up.

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