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      I had a dream about a pregnant woman in a red dress that was getting out of a bed. A man was still lying in the bed and said to her to close the doors as snakes might get into the area.
      She just laughed and walked away, unconcerned.
      Somehow, I either switched places with the man, or turned into the man (I am a woman) and got out of the bed. I wanted to get out of the place (not desperately or afraid, just wanting to move on), so I got up and started walking away from the bed.
      Suddenly I realized that there was a relatively large snake inside the robe or cloth I was wearing.
      I tried walking nicely so as to let the snake drop down and out of the robe. Still, I was not afraid or scared. I was just irritated with it. It did fall off of my middle and I could see the brown tail sticking out of the robe. It was quite a large tail-end that I saw, and I felt slightly relieved that this was not going to be so difficult to get rid of it.
      However, it got back up under the robe again and I started going up some stairs. I felt that I could get rid of it outside the building I was in, but then that same pregnant woman showed up and said something to me, which I did not pay attention to as the snake suddenly started hissing from under the robe.
      Somehow my hands were also under the robe. It bit my pinkie finger on the lefthand side of my body.
      I grabbed it behind its head with my right hand. It let go for a moment, but then hissed and I could feel its neck extending like a cobra would normally do when threatened. It caught my off guard, but I knew that I had to try again before I would be in trouble (please note that I did not feel frightened at all. I rather felt assertive). So, I tried again while wondering exactly where to take hold of it behind its mouth. It again extended its neck, but this time I had a better grip. Its mouth opened…but then I woke up.

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      I believe this dream is about being anointed with a teaching gift that is yet to begin, but there is some deception or lies that have been allowed in, which you are struggling with at the moment, you are being strengthened to overcome.
      Please commit this interpretation to the Holy Spirit

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