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      I dreamt I was at a house that was supposed to be sold. It belonged to a female relative who was mean and didn’t like me. She has a son who is dear to me. I am visiting him. The house was boarded up except for a small section for her son to live in. The rest was kept nice and furnished as it was before it was to be sold – fancy. The son, my loved one, he was depressed the small section like a small living room was painted and decorated oddly with strange sad images. I comforted him because I understood he was depressed and sad and I encouraged him about being a great person and how it was normal and hard to deal with growing up feeling not accepted by the mean mom. While I was hugging him and comforting him and he got very upset and ran away because he was ashamed he was crying I told him to come back and not to be ashamed of crying and I was hugging and comforting then the mean mom came and started scolding him. Next scene I am with more loved ones we all love each other, the mean relative is there, they do not know she is mean. We all go through the beautiful house that had been boarded up. It obviously was lived in and things were going on. We go through the rooms nicely decorated, I see figurines and little sculptures and things…a medallion with symbols of some sort.In the dream Holy Spirit told me don’t touch it, they don’t seem right you know there’s something not right about them it was not of God. We pass through the living room/ kitchen area – THERE WAS A WELCOME BASKET WITH A SALMON COLORED CLOTH WITH CROSS STITCH ON IT SAYING: “WELCOME PEOPLE OF HAITI LET’S CELEBRATE” Then walked until like a big open bathroom there was little like a stout woman with all-white and head wrapped in white cloth like traditional Haitian woman. She was cleaning and she was very startled to see us but acting pleasant to try and not act as if she was startled. There were little bowls and things set up and I was like this looks like some sort of ritual thing, bad news. Then we were all walking into a backyard outside area, lots of people there, then I started to realize how bad and weird this place was- VERY INTENSE FEELING- I saw my loved ones who were unknowingly looking through items on tables, trinkets long stems of herbs, I told them don’t touch buy or eat anything let’s go- PRAYING ALL THE WAY! I felt itchy and sick and weird like something was in the atmosphere that was poisonous or full of sickness, I was worried my loved ones would get sick if we stayed one more minute, I rush them out because they looked like they were starting to get sick. Then we escaped. Then I woke up.

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      Hello Prism,

      Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Please take everything that I share to the Holy Spirit as He Alone gives the accurate interpretation.

      Stay away from a relationship(s). You know which one and pray from a distance.


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      Yes, I do.

      Praying deliverance for them, and pleading the Blood of Jesus, and Hedge of Protection.

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